Define Your Authentic Style, Elevate Your Confidence & Create a Branded Wardrobe in Just 8 Weeks.

Are you finally ready to build a wardrobe that will give you everything you want?



You know that ugh! feeling you get when you’re standing in front of your closet?

It's the same story every morning. You know when you head to your closet to find something to wear, and all you feel is panic, dread, and fear? Panic because you have no idea what to wear, dread because you have more things in your closet that don't fit than do, and fear because nothing in your closet makes you feel like the badass superhero you know in your heart you were meant to be.

It's frustrating.

It's defeating.

And you haven't even started your day.

You filter through what feels like a boring collection of uninspired items, and then when you do find something to wear (most likely what you wore yesterday or a few days ago), you feel passionless, mundane, ordinary, and just plain blah. 

Then you head into your office, a client meeting, or networking event and realize... blend in with everyone else with your "no-style style,"

... you're self-conscious about the extra pounds you've gained, don't feel pulled together, and 

...because you're positive everyone's looking at you (and not in a good way), you can't focus, start second-guessing yourself and fail to make a meaningful connection.

Not realizing what you wear can impact your income by 20%, you internalize the experience and start beating up on yourself. You begin to question your knowledge and abilities, why you even started the business, to begin with, and ultimately become overwhelmed with fear and guilt as you conclude that you'll never make any money and should get a job or change careers?

And to all started when you walked into your closet.

Well, It doesn't have to be this way!

Wouldn't it be great to wake up to a closet filled with clothes you loved? Knowing that everything fits and the colors are on point? That you felt confident with a clear sense of who you are, where you're going and was assured you consistently showed up as your best self? And the best didn't cost you a fortune!

It's time to stop wasting money on misguided purchases and still feel like you have nothing to wear.

Sound impossible? It's not. I know because I've been there. I know exactly how you feel.

Ever Wonder Why Superheroes Wear Costumes?

I'll answer that question below, but first, I want to share a bit about myself and why I can help.

I'm Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, Career Strategist, Executive Coach, Personal Brand Strategist, Confident Image Coach, and Shoe Fanatic. My superpower is helping women on the brink of change or something amazing – professionals, entrepreneurs, and women of influence – move to the next level of success by taking hold of their authentic essence, confidence, and appearance.

Why? Because I know a secret: Everything is linked. Your mindset, your confidence, and your clothes. Your presence and others' perceptions. What you show to the world, how you value yourself and what you have to offer and what you receive in return.

This is about a transformative shift. A transformative shift that will give you greater self-confidence, move you from a limited mindset to a growth mindset, and one that would make you feel like the powerhouse phenom that you are. It's about saving the world, Wonder Woman style.

​The truth is when you're not confident, you don't look or feel your best, AND you don't do or give your best. As a result, you make bad investment decisions. You start to feel like an imposter, a fake, and you don't put yourself out there.

I can you change the world when you lack the confidence to act?

The truth is, when you get stuck in that loop, it's almost impossible to get off without some help. 

And we can't have that now, can we? ;)

But most importantly,  I have my own personal experience with what clothes can do for you.

​I had a low point in my life when I lost a sense of myself, lost my confidence, and lost who I was. I had recently become  a new mom and was ecstatic but soon after, I gained a ton of weight, went through a divorce, and all of a sudden, I was a "single mother." Even with my education and years of practicing as a lawyer, I took on the weight and negative connotations of being a "single mom." Some of you can relate to me  I felt like a failure  In the process of trying to be a wife and mother, I forget about my elf. When I found myself on my own, I realized I forgot how to show up, own my power and sum, I lost my mojo. That was in my late 30's (I know I look older in this picture than I do now 25 years later!)

I succumbed to a dark place, a place where I felt like an imposter, unworthy, and not confident. I was playing small and not living my passion and purpose. You see, life has a way of pulling you inside out and flipping you upside down, and if you don't have a strong sense of who you are, it may leave you defeated.

​It took a massive car accident to wake me up. Finally, after multiple surgeries and six months in a wheelchair, I took a sober look at my life. I looked at the poor example I was setting for my children, my dissatisfaction with my career, and how I was living life with a defeated mindset. As I healed and started walking again, the first thing I did was CHANGE MY CLOTHES to CHANGE MY MINDSET to CHANGE MY LIFE. 

What often gets overlooked on the path of reclaimation is your clothing. It's dismissed as irrelevant, trival and a frivolous by-product of the vain and self-involved. Sister, nothing could be further from the truth!

Not only did I start to feel better about myself, my life started to change. And even better? My career took off, too.

When I upgraded my image, reclaimed my confidence, and implemented my business savvy I was able to build an award-winning jewelry business, coach executives, help women build impactful businesses, rack up TV and magazine appearances, finish my PhD and launch my own six figure consulting practice.

Now in my 50's I feel and look better than ever! And that's why I created The Confident Image Solution™.

Now, it’s your time.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to up level YOU

Oh....and why do Superheroes where costumes? Because it represents their brand, instills trust in the hearts and minds of everyone who sees them, and it gives them confidence they need to get the job done!

So, are you with me?

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It...



that reflects WHO YOU ARE at your core,


and EMPOWERS YOU to fearlessly go after your dreams.

I'll lead you step by step through my proven signature system that will take you from

Mission to...

Mission Accomplished!

"Expecting to hear I shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes or something, I was both blown away and delighted by Carol’s insight into, not just my wardrobe, but my personality too! I got complete clarity on why I loved some things, and hated others I thought I should like! If was such a powerful session that even before we finished, I was going through my clothes in my mind and clearing out. Carol has given me the insight that guarantees, when I walk out my door, I’m leaving the impression I want and I feel perfectly dressed for the future I am creating - actually I feel like me, at my best. What can I say, it’s been a strong of compliments since! "

Melanie Gow
Coach, Author, TEDx Presenter

The Visual Impact Blueprint™

Your income and earning potential is closely tied to your self-worth and confidence. Your confidence level is reflected in your appearance.

Step 1 - Brand YOU: Discover Your Authentic Style

  • This module will be waiting for you when you log in to the membership areas.
  • The first step in this process is to define your style so you'll know exactly what you should have in your closet. 
  • You'll learn to avoid costly mistakes and ill-advised purchases while you're out shopping and building your wardrobe.
  • Discover the connection between your personal brand and your authentic style.
  • Because this is a crucial step in this program, you'll start working on this immediately.

Step 2 - The Science of Style: Body Shape & Fit

  • Once you know your style, it’s time to understand how to find the right clothing for your body shape.
  • This is where the science of style begins.
  • You’ll understand that you’re more than an apple, pear, or strawberry and learn the particulars about your body shape to find the perfect fit every time.

Step 3 - Color Play: Power Colors and How to Use Them

  • Next, you’ll determine your unique color palette so you can stop making bad color chooses and learn to choose the right colors for you.
  • Learn which patterns to avoid and embrace, and find your power colors.
  • You’ll also understand how color plays with fabric and know which will best compliment your body frame.

Step 4 - You Are the ONE: Building Confidence In Your Image

  • Then we’ll focus on how to leverage your style for greater success and income.
  • We’ll do this by dealing with the essential aspect of your style…your confidence, and body image.
  • Learn to uncover and reframe negative self-perceptions and the stepping stones to build greater confidence.

Step 5 - If You Build It They Will Come: Building a Powerhouse Wardrobe

  • Finally, we’ll put it all together by creating a wardrobe that infuses joy in your daily dressing routine, makes you look and feel amazing, saves you time and money.
  • Overcome boredom by creating versatility through capsule wardrobes.
  • Learn how to leverage your wardrobe to attract your desires in your life and business.
  • Discover the best ways to organize your closet for greater efficiency and flexibility.

Step 6 - Why The Devil Wears Prada: Curating & Maintenance 

  • Now that you've learned what works for you, why, and how to put it all together, you'll learn where to find your prized pieces.
  • Understand how the use cost-per-wear formula can stretch your dollar in your wardrobe so you'll gain more and spend less.
  • You'll learn why buying less creates greater versatility and wearability in your wardrobe and how to maintain your confident look.

"I feel amazing. I had no idea how bad it was or how bad I actually felt. Now I’m excited about going out and showing up! I’ve received so many compliments and people actually thought I’d lost weight! I have people coming to me asking to work with me and my business has tripled and I’ve hit a 6-figure year already! Your guidance changed the course of my life ! Thank you!!"

Kathy K.
Founder, Best Sellers Guild

So, How Does This Work?

THE CONFIDENT IMAGE SOLUTION™ is a revolutionary online experience program charged with innovative concepts designed to help you transform yourself and your wardrobe from the inside out.

This ain't no ordinary "how to find your shape and style personality" course. I've combined my over 28 years of experience as an attorney &  business and management consultant, along with my doctoral research and client results to craft, what I believe to be, the best possible program to help you master your image, articulate your personal brand, and create a powerful wardrobe that you can leverage for personal and financial growth.

When you enroll in STYLE SCHOOL, you'll work through the six core steps of my Visual Impact Blueprint™ delivered in digestible lessons.  

This innovative program is part image, cognitive-behavioral theory, neuroplasticity, self-coaching, spiritual enlightenment, and 100% life-changing. 

I can't wait to start this journey with you!

"I lost my way for a bit. Now I have a sense that I present the complete package to potential customers and clients. I know the value I offer and I now how my image supports that. This makes all the difference in the world when I pick up the phone to make the initial contact or walk into a meeting for the first time. I’m not intimidated by others like I used to be. Together with the help on my signature talk, now I’m landing speaking gigs and becoming a sought after speaker!"

Roni S.
Paralympics Gold Medalist

You've Got Questions...I've Got Answers


Q: Can I do this on my own?

A: The short answer is NO. I mean, let's be honest. If you could have figured this out, you would have done it by now, and if you've made it this far into the page, then you probably think you need the support. You are here because you are stuck and are looking for a solution - this is the solution, and it is life-changing. I don't use the term life-changing lightly either; I have watched my clients' lives change through my work. And if it's the price, as yourself, "How much is improving your life worth?" 

Q: How is this different from other "style courses?

A: I'm glad you asked. This isn't a "style" course where you'll play on Pinterest, learn the latest trends, and get superficial irrelevant advice that won't really help you. This is a high-level program for women of influence who want to take their lives and business to the next level. If that's not what you're looking for, then this is not for you.

Q: Am I going to have to spend a ton of money rebuilding my wardrobe?

A: While we'll talk about how to shop strategically using cost-saving measures (other courses don't discuss this), this program is designed to teach you how to effectively use your wardrobe so you'll need fewer, not more, pieces of clothing.

Q: How much time will I need to devote to the program each week.

A: You'll have plenty of time to work through each step which is why this is an 8-week program. Expect to spend at least 2 hours going through videos, downloads, and your closet to get the results.

Q: Who is this program for?

A: For high-achieving women who are tired of playing small and are ready to uncover their authentic badass self so they can gain clarity on what they want while creating a magnetic, powerful presence with the confidence needed to conquer the world. If you're a woman of need to be influential.

Q: I don't have a business or plan on starting one. Is this course right for me?

A: Great question. Yes, this course is right for you. While the materials in this course will definitely help those who need to develop a personal brand, the information will guide you in uncovering your authentic style and creating a wardrobe that will make you feel more confident to go after your life goals, whether it's to go out more, travel, or even find love. All women are women of influence, whether in the boardroom or their family room.

Q: I've tried online programs before but never finished them. I'm afraid this will be the same.

A: Listen, I've been there, done that, and have the t-shirts to prove it. That's why I've designed STYLE SCHOOL: THE CONFIDENT IMAGE SOLUTION™. It's not an informational program; it's an experiential, interactive program that will provide unstoppable momentum, constant wins, community support, and fun. It's truly unlike anything you've experienced before.


"Your program helped give me great clarity and prepared for my work and company presentations. It's also improved my first impressions and being relatable to the public in my new community. By choosing colors and shapes that help me to look/feel good it's improved my view of my body, my tummy, bum and arms. I feel more on trend and my confidence has gone through the roof. Others could really benefit from this because we could all benefit from learn how to to truly express who we are confidently for greater business and personal advantage. Thank you so much! "

Dawn F.
Resource Development Associate, United Way

Oh, Did I Mention Over $400 In Bonuses?

VIP Bonus: Skincare & Makeup Tutorial ($495 Value)

Learn from two of the best in the field, a celebrity esthetician and skincare product designer, about the proper way to care for your skin. Great skincare and makeup can enhance your communication skills and increase your credibility and likability factor. 


"I started out with an ambiguous style that didn't fully match my intention. Participating in CIS gave me the tools to cull through options and then curate an external image that represents me from the inside out. A confident image that makes me feel confident and proud to be me."

Candace C.
CFO/Finance Director



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