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  • You feel stuck in a job that no longer motivates or inspires you but you're not sure how to get out.
  • You’re craving direction, decisiveness and a path forward.
  • You're thinking of turning your side-hustle into a viable business while still keeping your day job.
  • You want to find meaning and purpose in the work you do and make an impact on a bigger scale.
  • You want more and are open and willing to take some risks and experience the growing pains of stepping into a higher version of yourself.

Ready to give yourself the gift of hope, clarity, and a path to career and life you love? Let's explore if I'm the one that can help you get there!


"Carol Parker Walsh helped me transform into something that reflected ‘me.’ In the process, I had huge ‘aha’ moments as I realized the root of much of my self confidence, self esteem, and image issues and how it was impacting my life and business. Your process helped me to restore my confidence and I feel comfortable owning my significance. I feel reborn! I've expanded my business adding wedding consulting to my services and I've already booked clients and haven't even hung out my shingle. I'm finally attracting the life and business I want!"

Lane' Richards
Award Winning Vintage Wedding Rentals & Wedding Pro Coach

"Carol's process is unlike any other I've experienced. I realized, for the first time, that my true essence had been buried under the weight of childhood programming and continued on through my adulthood. This awareness about myself has completely transformed my perspective on how I am going to live life going forward. I literally have been liberated and given myself the freedom and permission to be myself. I never imagined that this work with you would be such a profound, significant part of my transformation."

Nicole Wubben
CFO, Commercial Property Development


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