Your only limits are the ones you create!

It's time to Level Up and Step Into Who You Were Designed to Be!


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The new economy requires a new approach to career management and development. It's time to unplug from outdated the outdated career advice paradigm and learn how you can truly take control of your career and have the life you want.

Join me as I share proven strategies that no one is talking about. Life's too short to be stuck in the wrong job and career.


Ordinary Ends Now!

You can get the same old techniques, tools, and knowledge about upgrading your resume or improving your cover letter anywhere. That's not what I'm about. Besides, 20th-century advice won't get you a 21st career.

What I'm going to teach you is how to courageously reclaim who you are, show up powerfully, push past your comfort zone and fear of "should I do this" or "I can't do that," and audaciously design a plan to step into your calling. 

But here’s the catch....only a small group of committed midlife rebels will be invited. Will you be one of them?

Now...if you're in a hurry, want a job (any job), or you're not interested in doing some introspective work, then this is not your rodeo.

On the other hand, if you're looking for clarity and direction, believe in investing in yourself, and are motivated and excited about your next chapter...

Click on the button below...I'm waiting for you.


"I’ve been thinking about this and trying to make small moves toward career definition and work style improvement for two years, but I still feel stuck and don’t know what move I should make. I can’t believe that after just one session I got this revelation about who I am and how that translates into the work that I should be doing. And that info was right there, inside of me, all along. Thanks SO MUCH for your help Carol! You helped me understand my strengths AND my true interests, which will benefit me beyond just this position."

Tracy Richmond, PhD

"Carol Parker Walsh helped me transform into something that reflected ‘me.’ In the process, I had huge ‘aha’ moments as I realized the root of much of my self confidence, self esteem, and image issues and how it was impacting my life and business. Your process helped me to restore my confidence and I feel comfortable owning my significance. I feel reborn! I've expanded my business adding wedding consulting to my services and I've already booked clients and haven't even hung out my shingle. I'm finally attracting the life and business I want!"

Lane' Richards
Award Winning Vintage Wedding Rentals & Wedding Pro Coach

"Carol's process is unlike any other I've experienced. I realized, for the first time, that my true essence had been buried under the weight of childhood programming and continued on through my adulthood. This awareness about myself has completely transformed my perspective on how I am going to live life going forward. I literally have been liberated and given myself the freedom and permission to be myself. I never imagined that this work with you would be such a profound, significant part of my transformation."

Nicole Wubben
CFO, Commercial Property Development

"Carol Parker Walsh guides you through your journey of self discovery with exercises and activities that uncover the core of who you are. By completing this journey with her, I was able to clearly determine the opportunities I wanted and had the language and confidence to convince others that they wanted me. Carol Parker Walsh pushes you to dig dip to rediscover the authentic you and to unapologetically let yourself shine in your greatness."

Monique Phillips
Scheduling Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb

"Expecting to hear I shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes or something, I was both blown away and delighted by Carol’s insight into, not just my wardrobe, but my personality too! I got complete clarity on why I loved some things, and hated others I thought I should like! If was such a powerful session that even before we finished, I was going through my clothes in my mind and clearing out. Carol has given me the insight that guarantees, when I walk out my door, I’m leaving the impression I want and I feel perfectly dressed for the future I am creating - actually I feel like me, at my best. What can I say, it’s been a strong of compliments since!"

Melanie Gow
Author, TEDx Presenter, Coach

"I wasn't projecting confidence and professionalism and I wasn't sure how to do it AND still be me. After working through Carol's process she helped me project a confident mindset and become a woman of influence to those in my new locale. We worked on how to stand out as the CEO of my business in a way that felt comfortable and uniquely me. Now I'm ready to take my business to a new level. "

Lynn Moses
Curves & Retail Business Owner


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