5 Secrets to Uncover Your Calling and Do the Work You Love

(Without throwing away everything you've already achieved!)
YES! I'm Ready to Step Into a Meaningful Career

Stop settling and start doing the meaningful work you're meant to do.

I've worked with so many women who are in the same boat as you....their biding their time and tolerating a job they ‘have-to’ go to because it’s the responsible thing to do. 

But life's to short to be stuck in a career you don't love.

Join me as I share the five secrets that no one talks about, that will help you go from "have-to" job to the career you want.

During our time together, you'll learn:

  • The key levers you must pull to step settling in your career.
  • How one simple phrase can change the game in achieving career fulfillment.
  • How to maintain continued financial and professional success while pursuing your dreams.
  • And much more.

Join me on Monday!

I'm Ready to Step Into My Calling

Your Host

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is a career strategist and personal brand expert helping high-achieving professional women do meaningful work in a career they love.

With almost 30 years experience as an attorney, executive, professor, and dean, Carol has coached leaders, entrepreneurs, a Grammy Award winner and Paralympic Gold Medalist gain greater clarity, confidence and courage to live life on their terms.

A TEDx speaker, two-time Amazon #1 best selling author, international speaker, and member of Forbes Coaches Council, Carol has a regular segment on the ABC affiliate KATU’s AM Northwest Morning Show.


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