“Carol is not only an inspiring and motivating speaker, she's a transformational coach. Through her process I have greater clarity on what's held me back in achieving the results I was after in my career & business! I highly recommend everyone from executive to entrepreneur to learn the power of this method and work with Carol!"
— Charlotte Jones-Burton, MD, Executive Director & Owner of CycleBar®

911: Career Rescue Bootcamp™

911 is a career and life direction program for the midlife professional who have climbed the ladder of success only to realize they've climbed the wrong one. They're ready to press the reset button on their career and find a more fulfilling career path. This 12-week program is for those who want to finally discover what they're meant to do in the world.

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"I had left a 20+ year long career in academia to work for myself and I should be happy and satisfied! But I wasn't, I was floundering. Carol helped me realize that I had been ignoring my authentic self, stuffing her in a little box and stifling her voice. I wasn't even talking about my new business - "shhhhh" I'd say - out of fear that it wasn't good enough, the website wasn't ready, etc, Carol helped give me awareness that I was doing this and both the clarity and the tools to help me step into a career I love.  She guided me to give voice to what I'd known all along  - that I have if I am true to myself, living without worry about failure, fear and someones else's expectations - that I will find joy and satisfaction in my work again. Carol is so intuitive and naturally gifted, I couldn't ask for a better teacher.  She's direct but kind - just the right mix for me - and she's insanely talented and intuitive about people and what makes them tick, what they need and how best to support them. "
- Alison Schneiger, Small Business Operations Manager

Ignite Your Calling

Ignite is a 12-month mentorship & mastermind community designed for driven successful professional women who are committed to unapologetically stepping into the work they're meant to do in the world and step into a higher version of who they're meant to be. We do that by mastering three areas: Unveiling your brilliance, perfecting your brand, and bravely living your purpose.

This community is not meant for everyone and I'm not here to sell you on why you should join this group of amazing women. If you believe in investing in yourself, if you are willing and able to make the time to reach your goals and fullest potential, and if you are a women who believes in taking action and committed to getting results, then you're in the right place.

Admission into this group is by application only.

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“I'm building my business while still working full time, so it's challenging to find the time and focus. As a result of our work I finally have clarity around what I'm offering in my business and after developing my branded message I landed my first VIP client, created an online program, built my signature talk, and have the roadmap to a successful business.”
— Janice Saunders, Communication Coach

Impress: The Confident Image Solution

This innovative program is designed to help you create a confident personal brand and image that reflects who you are at your core, that’s worthy of your goals, and empowers you to fearlessly go after your dreams. It takes a 1/10th of a second to make an impression and if you get it wrong you may loose out on some life changing opportunities. Ignore this and whatever credibility you might have had may be lost forever, and before you've even opened your mouth. If you want to make an impact, Impress is for you.

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“Carol, you must be psychic!  You took my thoughts about my business and customers and distilled them into a vision of how I can become a walking representation of that business to my customers!  When I saw your suggestions, I knew from my heart that you understood me and where I was going.  While working as an attorney and judge I had to present a certain image to the world.  But after almost 30 years I knew I’d – to use your words – “put my success ladder up against the wrong building” and needed to pivot.  My true calling is as a coach and trainer and as such I want to project an image that is uniquely ME!  And you’ve now put me on the path to knowing I’ll walk into a room, onto a stage or appear on my live Zoom group coaching and the visual image I present will be in alignment with the material I will be presenting and the message I will be sharing. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
—Sharrell Kline, Amazon bestselling author, and creator of the P+sitively Managing Methodâ„ 

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