A Proven Framework Designed to Empower Yourself & Your Team Towards a Brighter Professional Future



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Optimize your team's potential to drive results, ensure employee satisfaction and retention, and foster a culture of growth as you teach your team how to lead and manage their careers.

HR Leaders

Use Career Innovation as your secret tool for succession planning and to guide employees and emerging leaders in your organization toward success in a competitive landscape.


Become the CEO of your career by mapping a career path that aligns with your aspirations that leads to greater job satisfaction and accelerated growth and achievement.

The Career Innovation Framework

DISCOVER: Reconnect to your genius by: 

  • Understanding your vision.
  • Aligning with your interests.
  • Harnessing your skills to determine your next power move in the career.

BRAND: Elevate your presence and visibility by:

  • Strategically positioning your expertise.
  • Cultivating your reputation.
  • Become the sought-after authority in your domain.

BUILD: Strengthen your network of support by:

  • Assembling your influential board of advisors.
  • Ensuring consistent guidance and mentorship.
  • Multiplying the impact of your career efforts.

ENGAGE: Unleash your potential and take massive action:

  • Executing an intentional course of action.
  • Preparing for critical career conversations and becoming organizationally savvy.
  • Navigating directly into your desired career opportunity. 

MOTIVATE: Develop the self-motivation to navigate false narratives and limiting beliefs throughout the process to achieve your results.

Why it matters...

Developing your people is a critical investment in the future success of any organization.

It ensures that your company is equipped with a skilled, motivated, and adaptable workforce that can navigate challenges, drive innovation, and spur growth.

A strong career management program can impact the 74% of companies currently experiencing a talent shortage.  (Source: Korn Ferry)


 Here's what others had to share...


I was able to get more visibility within my organization and feel more aligned with who I was created to be. Learning the framework helped me to step into my 'future self' and land a 6-figure promotion!

-Qiana Cressman, Executive Director


I’ve never spent dedicated time learning, growing, and advancing myself as a professional outside of just doing my work. I deeply value this work; it's been really powerful. I wouldn't have gotten my promotion without it.

-Erica Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer


Carol empowers women leaders of color to courageously step into their leadership and executive roles so they can do more than survive but thrive in their careers.

-Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton, Vice President

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In today's dynamic business landscape, the key to long-term growth isn't just strategy, it's people.



Elevate your workforce, unlock innovation, and retain your competitive advantage.