TEDx Talk

"It’s not possible for you to do the work you were meant to do in the world when you’ve become a lesser version of yourself."
~Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

What Did You Leave Behind?:
The Challenge of Fit v. Belonging

In this TEDx Talk hear from Dr. Carol Parker Walsh about the benefits of choosing individual thought and actions, stepping away from the need to conform. Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is a career and business coach that helps women who’ve climbed the wrong ladder of success find their life’s work. 

Dent (The Future)

"It's imperative that you step into your own narrative to avoid living a life of regret."
~Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Avoiding Regrets:
How to Take Control of Your Narrative

Carol Parker Walsh, who has a JD as well as a PhD in human development and social systems, has spent years helping young professionals harness their own narratives and make bold changes in their lives and work. At Dent, Carol shared some of the most important lessons in making difficult changes that are sometimes at odds with what other people expect, and why you should take control of your own narrative.

Racism, Diversity & Equity

Steps You Can Take to Build an Anti-Racist Society


2021 Keynote for Chehalem MLK Event

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh shares three critical steps we can all take to embrace Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s work, vision, and legacy in order to build a society that celebrates the humanity of us all.

An intellectual, mesmerizing, and dynamic speaker.

Carol is an engaging speaker that has the ability to transform the hearts and minds of her audience by teaching innovative concepts and providing actionable steps to achieve results.



November 2019 - WOCIP 3rd Annual Conference, Atlantic City, NJ

July 2019 - Opulenza Designs National Conference, Denver, CO

May 2019 - LinkedIN PDX, Portland, OR

October 2018 - eWomen Network Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

October 2018 - eWomen Network Edmonton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

September 2018 - Daimler N.A., Portland, OR

August 2018 - Zenith Properties, Vancouver, WA

May 2018 - Women in Business, Bothell, WA

May 2018 - eWomen Network Denver, Denver, CO

May 2018 - eWomen Network Colorado Springs, Colorado Spring, CO

March 2018 - NW Women's Festival, Portland, OR

December 2017 - eWomen Network Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

October 2017 - eWomen Network Seattle, Seattle, WA

October 2017 - Portland Executives, Portland, OR

October 2017 - Daimler, N.A., Portland, OR

September 2017 - YWCA Clark County, Vancouver, WA

September 2017 - NAACP Vancouver Branch, Vancouver, WA 

June 2017 - Daimler N.A., Portland, OR

June 2017 - eWomen Network Richmond, Richmond, VA

April 2017 - Business Among Moms, Redmond, WA

February 2017 - Women in Business Networking, Vancouver, WA

February 2017 - eWomen Network Seattle, Seattle, WA

February 2017 - eWomen Network Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

December 2016 - eWomen Network Austin, Austin, TX

November 2016 - eWomen Network Vancouver, Vancouver, WA

November 2016 - Dress For Success, Portland, OR

October 2016 - eWomen Network North Chicago, Arlington Heights, IL

August 2016 - Professional Connections, Vancouver, WA

May 2016 - Women Entrepreneur Organization, Vancouver, WA

June 2010 - Lane, Hart, Neil & Weigler Law Firm, Portland, OR

March 2010 - Association of Legal Administrators - Oregon Chapter, Portland, OR 

May 2009 - Clark College, Vancouver, WA

May 2009 - International Association of Administrative Professionals, Portland, OR 

April 2009 - Portland Urban League, Portland, OR 

June 2008 - Portland Urban League, Portland, OR

January 2008 - NW EEO/Affirmative Action Association, Portland, OR

November 2007 - YWCA Clark County, Vancouver, WA 

April 2007 - Pacific University, Hillsboro, OR

August 2006 - Pacific University, Hillsboro, OR

June 2005 - Partners in Diversity, Portland, OR

May 2003 - MD Anderson Cancer Center Quarterly Employee Forum, Houston, TX

October 2019 - FierceCon, Redondo Beach, CA

March 2019 - Dent The Future, Santa Fe, New Mexico

February 2019 - TEDx Portland State University, Portland, OR

February 2019 - Clark College Business Learning Series, Vancouver, WA

November 2018 - WOCIP 2nd Annual Conference, Princeton, NJ

May 2018 - MOBCon, Portland, OR

November 2017 - WOCIP 1st Annual Conference, Plainsboro, NJ

May 2017 - AICI Global Conference, Mexico City, Mexico

April 2017 - Clark College Business Learning Series, Vancouver, WA

January 2017 - Impactful Women Conference, Vancouver, WA

July 2013 - Silpada Designs National Conference, Kansas City, MO

September 2011 - State of Oregon's 18th Annual Diversity Conference, Salem, OR

August 2010 - Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Atlanta, GA

August 2010 - 5th Annual International Social Science Conference, Cambridge, UK

May 2009 - NCORE, San Diego, CA

June 2008 - Kaiser Permanente NW Center for Health Research 18th Saward Lecture, Portland, OR

September 2007 - Partners in Diversity, Portland, OR

April 2007 - Chi Eta Phi Nursing Regional Meeting, Las Vegas, NV

August 2006 - Association of Black Sociologists Annual Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

July 2006 - Fielding Graduate University, Alexandria, VA

May 2006 - 5th Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, Honolulu, HI

December 2005 - Women, Diversity and Human Rights Symposium, Melbourne, Australia

October 2005 - Nursing Workforce Diversity Summit, Portland, OR

August 2005 - Association of Applied & Clinical Sociologists, Philadelphia, PA

May 2005 - First International Congress  of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana-Champaign, IL

April 2005 - AACN Graduate Nursing Recruitment Conference, Salt Lake City, UT

October 2004 - Symposium for ISPRC Diversity Conference, Boston , MA

September 2002 - Conference Board Symposium, Chicago, IL

May 2002 - Association of Administrators in Academic Pediatrics National Conference, Portland, OR


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