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"Through the program I discovered that dressing is not about me. It has to include your intention and the impact I want to make on others. Now people come up to me and I'm making some great connections that's impacted my business."
-Steffanie Fick, Purple Flower Coaching
"As I started building my new business, a personal brand, I knew that my personal style would matter. But I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and I just really didn't know how I would take my very-casual style up to a new level while still feeling totally authentically me. Well, Carol did it for me! I'm so excited by what she put together for me, a style guide that's totally me, and yet shows me exactly how to create the extra kick, the extra layer to take my style to the next level I knew I needed it to be at and want to be at. I can't wait to step out with a new look that's still 100% me."

-Joanna Sapir, Sales Expert & Business Coach

"Since CIS, I was just notified yesterday afternoon, that I've been selected along with three other employees in the company to be featured/interviewed in a full video that will be used to train and promote our organizational values. I've only been with this company 6.5 months! PRAISE GOD! This blesses me to know that I am still rising to my authentic essence and heights true to my core being. YOU played a huge role in that Carol!  I working with you in the future! Words can't express my gratitude and what a transformational experience CIS was for me."

-Qiana Cressman, Program Manager & Publisher

“Expecting to hear I shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes or something, I was both blown away and delighted by Carol’s insight into, not just my wardrobe, but my personality too! I got complete clarity on why I loved some things, and hated others I thought I should like! If was such a powerful session that even before we finished, I was going through my clothes in my mind and clearing out. Carol has given me the insight that guarantees, when I walk out my door, I’m leaving the impression I want and I feel perfectly dressed for the future I am creating - actually I feel like me, at my best. What can I say, it’s been a strong of compliments since!” 

-Melanie Gow, Author, Coach, TEDx Presenter

“Carol, you must be psychic!  You took my thoughts about my business and customers and distilled them into a vision of how I can become a walking representation of that business to my customers!  When I saw your suggestions, I knew from my heart that you understood me and where I was going.  While working as an attorney and judge I had to present a certain image to the world.  But after almost 30 years I knew I’d – to use your words – “put my success ladder up against the wrong building” and needed to pivot.  My true calling is as a coach and trainer and as such I want to project an image that is uniquely ME!  And you’ve now put me on the path to knowing I’ll walk into a room, onto a stage or appear on my live Zoom group coaching and the visual image I present will be in alignment with the material I will be presenting and the message I will be sharing. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
-Sharrell Kline, Amazon bestselling author, and creator of the P+sitively Managing Methodâ„ 

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