Are you a high-achieving professional woman in midlife ready to reinvent your life and career?  



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It's not your fault you're not 
where you want to be in your career!

As a society, women are not taught to value, prioritize, or invest in themselves. Once we step into midlife (45+), we become invisible, overlooked, and undervalued. It's challenging to feel confident and empowered within a patriarchal, misogynistic imperialistic, outdated paradigm that ignores you, disregards you, and quite frankly wasn't designed for you.

But you still managed to put everything you've got into advancing and excelling in your career while juggling family obligations and neglecting personal passions.

On paper, you've got the kind of life every career-focused woman dreams of but in real life, you're not satisfied.

Even though you realize you've climbed the wrong ladder of success, you still feel trapped by the security of that fat paycheck and 401(k), the uncertainty of what to do next, and the fear of making the wrong decision.

Listen, sister, life’s too short for that BS. You know you were meant for more, so stop compromising and selling yourself short. You're way too smart and have too much potential for that.

What are you ready to create?

As an executive coach and personal brand strategist, I specialize in helping high-achieving professional women in midlife get the career and life they want.

If you're:

  • currently employed or gainfully self-employed;
  • in a high-level position or career;
  • have been working in your career for 10+ years;
  • are making a significant salary; and
  • are ready to invest in your professional development

then I invite you to an exploratory conversation with me to help you figure out whether getting coaching in one of my programs is the right fit for you. 

In 30-minute's we'll explore things like:

  • If you feel unfulfilled or undervalued in your career, how you got here and how you can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be;
  • How you can build self-confidence (and overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt) so you're equipped to make new, courageous moves in your career for growth, meaning, and impact;
  •  If you want to make changes in your career, how you can communicate your expertise and authority that creates value for your target audience;
  • How you can lead, thrive, and be an influence in your organization while navigating biases and patriarchal structures by developing the capacity to own your voice, find your power and lead authentically;
  • Cultivating emotional mastery, so you have power and authority over your emotions, which is an important factor for negotiation and leadership success;
  • If your brand, messaging, and image are accurately representing who you are and your credibility factors. 
  • Applying the best of life coaching tools for career satisfaction, alignment, and more!
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"I’ve never really spent dedicated time learning and growing and advancing myself as a professional outside of just doing my work, so it's been really beneficial for me to break out of old ways of thinking that for sure were not serving me or allowing me to move forward. I deeply value this work; I think it's just really powerful. I wouldn't have gotten my promotion without it."


-Erica Taylor, VP & Chief Marketing Officer

I know what you're going through.
I've been there myself.

I've been a lawyer, senior leader, professor, dean, and organizational consultant, and I've earned a doctorate (Ph.D.) focused on identity, gender, and organizational development. Through my research, experience, education, advanced certifications, and training, I have created a new and unique approach to career development and management that will get you the fulfilling and impactful career you've always wanted.

As a Master Certified Coach, I've used this process to elevate my career and build a successful coaching practice where I've helped so many other women do the same.

Now, after working with hundreds of women, don't you think it's your turn?

All you need is a simple but new process that teaches you how. 

Want to bypass the call and get right to the support you need?


Be bold. Be brave. Be fearless.

Join FEARLESS: The Career Rebel Academy™ to design an epic career and life.


When you're choosing a new path for yourself, it really helps to have a support network and the guidance of other adventurers who are further along on their own journey. FEARLESS: The Career Rebel Academy™ can help you blaze your trail to a life built around who you are so that you can stop trying to stuff your whole self into the margins of a job description.

Whether you're looking to elevate, pivot, or start an entirely new career, it's all possible and easier than you think.

Get ready to discover what you’re meant to do, amplify your expertise, level up your image and brand, get paid what you’re worth, and live your best life. You've come to the right place!