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My mission is to empower high-achieving womxn at midlife to develop unshakable confidence to design a career and life they desire and deserve.

Carol Parker Walsh Consulting, LLC is an executive coaching, career strategy, training, professional brand & image consulting practice for smart high-achieving professional womxn at midlife who are emerging or established leaders and want to take control of their careers, do meaningful work, and design a career and life they love. Our clients, primarily positioned in Fortune 500 companies, receive a concierge experience and custom methodological approach to their career and leadership development and executive presence to ensure they achieve greater confidence, clarity, and success.


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I love sharing my clients' success stories and I hope to share yours here one day too!


"It’s not possible for you to do the work you were meant to do in the world when you’ve become a lesser version of yourself."
~Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Through my research and work, I've learned that the ultimate struggle womxn face in our society is having the permission and courage to be who we're meant to be. Too many of us live along the border of acceptance and rejection fearing the latter. This explains why so many are seeking to discover work they love or a fulfilling career. But if you don't know who you are, how can you know what you want to do? 

Too often these internal struggles are ignored and buried under a societal narrative that values titles and income over identity and self-worth. For the courageous few, however, who decide to blaze their own path, an amazing life emerges. One that brings the desired life, income and happiness they've believed in their hearts was available to them all along if they could only stop trying to fit in. 


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