Charting Your Own Path with Dr. Cathy Mazak - Episode #15

Season #2

Episode 15: Charting Your Own Path with Dr. Cathy Mazak

In the new economy of work, it's become imperative to expand our idea of career and what it means to step into a "creator economy." While holding a position as a respected tenured faculty, our guest today, Dr. Cathy Mazak, wanted to find another way to bring in extra income. After brainstorming some ideas, Cathy took what she knew and, over time, built a multi-million dollar business. After several years of success, Cathy decided to leave her own academic career to support other academic women advancing their academic careers and chartering their own paths.  

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…

  • What prompted Cathy to start her entrepreneurial venture.
  • How she navigated her growing business and day job.
  • The ways Cathy managed her family's doubts and her own limiting beliefs.
  • Why it's critical to trust yourself on the journey.
  • How and why she got support and uses community to continue to elevate your business.

Featured On The Show:

Look for Cathy's Upcoming Book - Making Time to Write: How to Resist the Patriarchy and Take Control of your Academic Career Through Writing

Dr. Cathy Mazak is a writing coach, tenured, full professor, and a transformation coach who holistically helps academic womxn and non-men change the culture of academia from the inside out. She believes when more womxn and non-binary folx, especially folx of color, are included in the conversation and actually sit at the table in those rooms where decisions happen, only then can we start bringing down the racist patriarchy that keeps trying to shut us out of academia.

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