Choosing More with Samara Stone - Episode #16

Season #2

Episode 16: Choosing More with Samara Stone  

What happens when you land that great job, marry your partner and give birth to your  beautiful children, but all of a sudden, nothing makes sense anymore? From the  outside, things look perfect, but on the inside, you feel like you're dying a slow death?  Today, our guest on the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, Samara Stone, entrepreneur,  and mental health professional, explains how following the societal template for your  life can be dangerous when it's not aligned with what truly makes you happy. Today  she shares that while the process of discovery can feel challenging, what's on the  other side can be the best chapter of your life.  

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover… 

  •  Samara’s journey to a meaningful and fulfilling career.  
  •  How she leveraged each experience to inform her future.  
  •  Why it’s dangerous to accept the unacceptable.  
  •  How to handle naysayers and critics of your career and life choices.  What it means to be brave enough to break the template and choose more for  yourself, your life and your career.  

Featured On The Show: 

Samara Stone, LCSW-C, is the owner and founder of Full Grown, a lifestyle brand for  grown women ready to imagine, create, and boldly live a life of their design. Getting  her entrepreneurial start in 2005 when she opened her private mental health practice,  Samara has since launched several programs [and brands] to help mental health  entrepreneurs gain the clarity and confidence they need to fully embrace their  expertise and build businesses that allow them to position themselves as the experts  they truly are. Today, Samara is on a mission to help middle-aged black women age  boldly through community, self-discovery, and a sense of adventurous risk-taking. In  the words of Samara, "we are more than mothers, we are more than wives, we are  women—so let's live life boldly." 

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