Navigating Your Life and Career with Liz Bronson and Kathleen Troyer - Episode #17

Season #2

Episode 17: Navigating Your Life and Career with Liz Bronson & Kathleen Troyer 

By the time you've reached midlife, you've taken a few twists and turns in your life and  career. Too often, we try to bifurcate our lives and jobs as if one has no impact upon  the other, but that's impossible. You can't completely separate the different areas of  your life. They are interconnected. Your job and career affect your personal life, and  the individual decisions you make in life will impact your job and career. Today, our  guests on the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, Liz Bronson and Kathleen Nelson Troyer,  hosts of the Real Job Talk Podcast, share their own life and career journeys and the  wisdom they gleaned along the way.  

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover… 

  •  Liz and Kathleen's career journeys.  
  •  The power of having clarity about what you want to do.  
  •  Why learning to say no helps you become clearer about what to say yes to. 
  •  How to embrace getting uncomfortable to get to what you want. 
  •  Why listening to your own voice is so important.  
  •  The magic that comes from women working together in community. 

Featured On The Show: 

Liz Bronson is the VP of People at SupportLogic, a Series B start-up using the power  of natural language processing to improve Customer Support by predicting and pre venting escalations, reducing churn, and protecting and growing revenue. In this role,  Liz is building SupportLogic's people programs, including hiring, performance, trai ning, and enabling culture to attract and retain employees. Before SupportLogic, Liz  was the owner of Liz Bronson Consulting- an HR and recruiting company that helped  mostly tech start-up teams (SignalFx, Pulumi, Evernote, Hortonworks, and MyVest, to  name a few) build their employee infrastructure and hire the right people to enable  their success. Liz is passionate about designing authentic processes that match a  company's culture. You can also find Liz on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kathleen Nelson Troyer is the CEO of Jigsaw Solutions, Inc., where she works with  companies as a leadership, team, career coach, and organizational development con sultant. Kathleen works with her clients to grow strong leaders aligned with company  values and contribute to healthy cultures where people want to come to work each  day. Kat believes that everyone is the CEO of their own life and encourages her clien ts to step into greater leadership of their lives and their careers. Kathleen founded  Jigsaw Solutions in 2003. Before that, she held roles in Staffing and Human Resources  with Charles Schwab, Barclays Global Investors, Spirent Communications, Cloudera,  and several technology start-ups. You can also find Kathleen on LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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