How to Regret-Proof Your Decisions - Episode #28

Season #3

Episode 27 - How to Regret-Proof Your Decisions

Research has found there are two types of regret: regret for what you didn't do or missed opportunities or experiences and regret for what you did. While, over time, people get over the things they've done, those who regret what they didn't do have a lingering regret because they imagine what they missed as being better than what they have. Letting go of regret is admittedly easier said than done, but living in regret is far worse damaging to your health and your ability to trust yourself. This week on the podcast, I'm talking about the connection between fear, decision-making, and regret and how you can manage it.


In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…

  •  What is regret?
  •  The types of regret people struggle with.
  •  What regret does to us and our ability to trust ourselves.
  •  The underlying assumptions of regret.
  •  Why it's important to let go of the binary idea of right or wrong decisions.
  •  How to deal with regret.
  •  Accept that life is 50/50 and redefine failure.

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