Dump Your Degree & Get to the Career You Want with Zakiya Akerele - Episode #32

Season #4

Episode #32 - Dump Your Degree & Transition to the Career You Want with Dr. Zakiya Akerele

I often talk about the "sunk cost fallacy." It's a term from behavioral economics that describes our tendency to follow through on or stick with something that we've already invested a perceived large amount of time, effort, or money into it, whether or not we're still receiving a return on that investment. This stems from a loss aversion or the belief that everything you worked for will be lost. It's the thing that keeps us trapped in careers we no longer love. So, for example, if you've spent years, time, and money getting your law, medical, doctorate, MBA, MPH, or engineering degrees, it becomes very challenging for you to believe or even entertain the idea that you can do something else outside of those degrees. In today's podcast, our guest Dr. Zakyia Akerele shares how you don't have to be held captive by or defined by the degrees you've earned and how you can leverage that education and experience to figure out the right career for you. 

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover… 

  • Why a degree won't guarantee you career success, and what can.
  • How experimenting with different jobs can get you clarity on the career you really want.
  • How midlife (mid-career) professionals can repurpose their education.
  • Why "who you know" is as important as "what you know to have career success.
  • Why you need a support system and should not try to do this alone.
  • How to manage fears and doubts when going after the career and life you really want. 

Featured On the Show: 

 About Our Guest: 

Dr. Zakiya Akerele is an Atlanta-based educator, author, and speaker who found an early passion in academic pursuits hoping to use them to improve herself and the world around her. She sought higher education with full force, obtaining degrees from Florida A&M University (B.A.), Columbia University (Ed.M.), and Fordham University(M.A. and Ph.D.) in International Education, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. Dr. Akerele has served in various capacities at higher education institutions and at social justice, political, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) both in the U.S. and abroad.

Her new book, Dump Your Degree, is a timely and invaluable resource for anyone seeking guidance on navigating higher education, developing their career, and having financial security. You can get your copy here https://withkoji.com/@ZakiyaAkerele or grab an excerpt of the book here: https://zakiyaakerele.com/#book

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