How Vanessa Murphy Went from the Royal Navy to Building a Multipassionate Coaching Career - Episode #34

Season #4

Episode #34 - How Vanessa Murphy Went from the Royal Navy to a Multipassionate Coach and Consultant

The more I listen to other people talk about their career paths and journeys to the work they're doing today, the more I see familiar themes integral to success. That includes taking the time to figure out what's right for you; it's by no means a rush job. You need to gain a deeper awareness of who you are outside of the noise and messages around you, and then you must build self-confidence to achieve what you want. You also need to learn how to do two critical things: (a) ignore the haters and naysayers (even if they're in your own head) and (b) do what's right for you! In today's podcast, our guest Vanessa Murphy shares her journey from the Royal Navy to embracing her multiple career interests in designing her career.

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…

  • Vanessa's journey to the her current career.
  • What she learned about herself through her career experiences.
  • How she leverages her experience in the military to inform her work today.
  • That career happiness does not have to be found in ONE job or career.
  • What it takes to go after what you want for your life and career.

Featured On the Show:

About Our Guest:

Vanessa Murphy is the Founder of VM Coaching and the Women in Confidence Podcast, where she enables women to be their truly brilliant and confident selves at work. In addition to running her own confidence coaching practice, Vanessa also offers HR and Organization Development Consulting to corporations. While in the Royal Navy, Vanessa discovered her love of working with people and helping them to develop and achieve their potential. 

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