Real Talk: A Midlife Career Conversation Across Genders with Duane Leckey - Episode #35

Season #4

Episode #35 - Real Talk: A Midlife Career Conversation Across Genders w/Duane Leckey

The midlife pivot can be a confusing and challenging time of life. It shows up unannounced and most always takes you off guard, but it can also be such a crystalizing time growth, purpose, and meaning. It’s the time when we look at everything in our lives through a new lens and start questioning if the path we’re own still make sense…that includes our career. In today’s podcast I mixed things up a bit and invited Duane Leckey, Certified Coach for Men at Midlife, to have a real and honest conversation about the differences between the midlife pivot for men and women, how it impacts our career journey’s, and how men can support women during this critical time of our lives.  

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover… 

  • Duane’s midlife career pivot journey.
  • Some of the challenges men face at midlife.
  • Why it’s dangerous to “stay in line” and follow societal scripts.
  • Why it’s important to follow your own path and how to do it.
  • Ways to overcome fear so you can remain open to opportunities.
  • How men in midlife can support women in midlife. 

Featured On the Show:

Quotables From the Show:

  • “Chose for my future self and not my current self”
  • “I'd rather be failing going after my future self than to just be really successful, but just living the same life and being very successful in my current state.”

About Our Guest: 

Duane Leckey is a certified Life + Mindset Coach and the founder of Duane Leckey Coaching (DLC).  DLC was created to help midlife men who want to stop underliving and start becoming the fullest version of themselves.  Duane leverages his expertise as executive, business owner, coach, mentor, husband and father to help midlife men direct their mind, energy and action towards the future they truly desire without apology. Duane is the creator and host of the Rebirth of You podcast where he offers coaching, advising and encouragement to midlife men on the journey to becoming the HIM they truly want to be. You can also find Duane on Instagram and Facebook

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