Closing the Confidence Gap for Women Leaders with Kelli Thompson - Episode #39

Season #4

Episode #39 - Closing the Confident Gap for Women Leaders with Kelli Thompson

As women, we are often plagued by self-doubt and a lack of confidence, especially as we progress in our careers. This can be a significant obstacle to success, as it can hold us back from taking risks and reaching for higher goals. But thankfully, there are steps we can take to close the confidence gap and become the leaders we aspire to be. In today’s podcast episode, our guest Kelli Thompson shares her most important techniques for boosting your confidence to get what you want.


In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…


  • Kelli’s journey to confidently choosing her current career.
  • What she calls her “kitchen table” moment that brought clarity about her career direction.
  • Why you need to give yourself the time you need to discover what’s right for you.
  • What the confidence gap is and steps on how to close it.


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About Our Guest:

Kelli Thompson is a women’s leadership coach and speaker who helps women advance to the rooms where decisions are made. She has coached and trained hundreds of women to trust themselves, lead with more confidence, and create a career they love. She is the founder of the Clarity & Confidence Women's Leadership Program, and a Stevie Award winner for Women in Business—Coach of the Year. She is the author of Closing The Confidence Gap: Boost Your Peace, Your Potential & Your Paycheck, releasing fall of 2022.


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