The Economic & Influential Power of Your Image - Episode #42

Season #5

Episode #42 - The Economic & Influential Power of Your Image

What you wear effects and influences how others see, respond, and interact with you. It can also profoundly alter your mood, stimulate your mind, enhance your self-worth, and make you feel more confident and powerful. In addition, your appearance is the filter through which everything you say or do is evaluated, which can significantly impact your income. Research published in the American Economic Review found those with an improved image enjoyed a 20% increase in income. Today on the podcast, I'm breaking down why your visual image is so essential and five ways you may inadvertently sabotage your income and career.

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…

  • The importance of your visual image.
  • Five ways your image may be sabotaging your income.
  • What you need to consider about your wardrobe.
  • Why you're only wearing 20% of your wardrobe.
  • What you can do to leverage your image for your success.


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