The Danger of Tolerating & Setting for Good Enough with Guest Lori Saitz - Episode #43

Season #5

Episode #43 -

The Danger of Tolerating & Setting for Good Enough with Guest Lori Saitz

What makes us tolerate undesirable circumstances and situations? Why are we more accepting of sitting in the discomfort of the known as opposed to the discomfort of the unknown? Why do we settle in our lives and careers instead of taking active steps to get and have so much more? These are the questions my guest Lori Saitz, and I are discussing on the podcast today. Hear our thoughts on tolerating, settling, and regret and what you can do about it.

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…

  • What tolerating is all about.
  • Why we settle and stay stuck in places and spaces.
  • Regret and the role it plays in our decisions.
  • Strategies to manage your stress around change and decision-making.


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About Our Guest:


Lori Saitz is the founder and CEO of Zen Rabbit and host of the podcast “Fine is a 4-Letter Word.” An award-winning writer, speaker, and broadcaster, Lori is on a mission to teach the world to be calm and grounded no matter what’s going on.


As a nationally recognized gratitude and meditation expert, she guides entrepreneurs and corporate teams from stressed and chaotic to peaceful and focused. Through a collaborative and interactive approach, she provides tools and techniques for increasing sales, enhancing relationships, and improving overall health.


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