The 4 Levels of Careerist: Part 4 - The Rebel - Episode #54

Season #6

Episode #54 - The 4 Levels of Careerist Part 4: The Rebel


Rebels are unapologetically authentic, unbounded and limitless, and unstoppable in what's possible for them because they know who they are, are confident in what they have to offer the world, and use their voice to get what they want. Here it's not just about reaching a "new" level or a perceived career destination; it's more about becoming a Rebel and stepping into a new iteration of self. In today's episode, I'll explain what it means to be a Rebel and why it's completely attainable in your life and career. 

In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…

  • A recap of how each of the levels differs
  • How being a Rebel is more about a designation than a "level"
  • Why there are so few Rebels in the world
  • The key ingredient necessary to break free from the career matrix
  • Why Fearless: The Career Rebel Academy was created and who it best serves



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