Fixing the "Broken Rung:" Replacing the Career Ladder with a Career Lattice to Advance Career Mobility - Episode #56

Season #6

Episode #56 - Fixing the "Broken Rung:" Replacing the Career Ladder with a Career Lattice to Advance Career Mobility


In traditional organizations, career advancement has often followed a linear path that resembles a ladder. It was created out of a need for standardized career paths and structured career development programs. But let's face it, the career ladder has worked better for men than it ever has for women, and since it's clear that for women, there's always been a "broken rung" on that latter, it's time for a new approach…the career lattice. On the podcast today, we'll talk about why the career lattice is the best choice to advance the career mobility of women in the workplace.


In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…


  • Where the career ladder came from.
  • What's a career lattice, and how does it work.
  • The theoretical origins of the career lattice.
  • The benefits of a career lattice for organizations and women.
  • How to implement a career lattice approach to career mobility.
  • Potential obstacles and strategies to overcome them.
  • The impact of this approach.


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