What If I Don’t Want to Step Into Leadership? - Episode #57

Season #6

Episode #57 - What If I Don’t Want to Step Into Leadership?


You can be a leader in many ways without having a formal leadership title, particularly if you're more concerned about the impact you can make in your organization or the world than your title. While there’s often a lot of pressure to promote into leadership and climb that ladder to the next level, it’s not always the best move or right fit for everyone. So, today on the episode we’re going to help you explore how to determine if leadership is the right next step for you.


In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…


  • How to determine if leadership is the right path for you
  • Why we think leadership is the only pathway to success
  • Additional ways to demonstrate your leadership
  • The attributes of a good leader and what it means to you
  • What you should do if you decide leadership is right for you


Featured On the Show (and additional resources):


  • Carol Parker Walsh Consulting - https://www.carolparkerwalsh.com/corporate
  • Reflection Questions:
    • What motivates me to want to be a leader? Is it the desire for power, recognition, or the opportunity to make a difference?

    • What are my strengths and weaknesses as a leader? How can I build on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses?

    • What kind of leader do I want to be? Do I want to be a visionary leader who inspires others, a results-oriented leader who focuses on achieving goals, or a collaborative leader who values teamwork?

    • What kind of team or organization do I want to lead? Do I want to lead a small team, a large organization, or something in between?

    • What challenges and obstacles do I expect to face as a leader? How will I overcome these challenges and stay motivated?

    • How will I handle conflict and difficult situations as a leader? Will I be able to stay calm and focused under pressure?

    • How will I balance my personal life and work responsibilities as a leader? Will I be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

    • How will I continue to learn and grow as a leader? What resources, mentors, or coaches can I seek out to help me develop my leadership skills?


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