Creating a Culture of Authentic Trust - Episode #58

Season #6

Episode #58 - Creating a Culture of Authentic Trust


A culture of authentic trust values and respects all employees' individual and collective contributions and recognizes the importance of building and maintaining relationships based on trust and respect. But does that speak to the environment that you're currently working in? In this episode, we'll discuss what it takes to create a culture of trust within your organization and what you can do as a leader to support safety and authentic trust.


In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…


  • What is a culture of authentic trust?
  • Why it matters?
  • The role leaders play in creating authentic trust.
  • The critical components of authentic trust.
  • What happens when organizations get it wrong.
  • Questions to help you figure out if you're contributing to authentic trust.
  • What can happen when you inspire authenticity within the workplace.


Featured On the Show (and additional resources):


  • Carol Parker Walsh Consulting -
  • Reflection Questions:
    • How do I model transparency and vulnerability as a leader?
    • Am I actively seeking and providing feedback to create a culture of continuous improvement?
    • How can I empower my team to take risks and make mistakes without fear of retribution?
    • Do I actively seek out diverse perspectives and encourage all team members to share their ideas and opinions?
    • Am I consistently holding myself and my team accountable for our actions and decisions?
    • How do I celebrate successes and recognize the contributions of all team members?
    • What am I doing to foster a culture of learning and growth within my organization?
    • Am I regularly checking in with team members to ensure their well-being and address any concerns they may have?
    • How can I improve my leadership skills to support a culture of authentic trust and psychological safety?
    • What steps can I take to sustain and strengthen a culture of authentic trust within my organization over the long term?


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