Leaving a Legacy: How Executives & Senior Leaders Can Fill the Pipeline for The Next Generation of Female Leadership - Episode #59

Season #6

Episode #59 - Leaving a Legacy: How Executives & Senior Leaders Can Fix the Leaking Pipeline for The Next Generation of Female Leadership


Not only are there not enough talented, skilled, early-career professional women making it to the next leadership level, but we also saw the most significant drop in the percentage of women going from mid- to senior-level positions than we've seen in years. So when organizations can't even hold on to the female leaders they have, what does that say about the women following behind? And what impact on an organization's bottom lines and competitiveness in the open marketplace? Today on the podcast, I'm sharing highlights from my International Women's Day talk with some female executive leaders, focusing on the key steps leaders must take to create and leave a legacy.


In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…


  • Why creating a legacy matters.
  • Why it’s a “check engine” light moment for organizations
  • What organizations need to stop doing and why
  • Steps can take to fix the pipeline and create a legacy.
  • How to overcome objections to taking innovative action


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