Avoiding Burnout While Achieving Career Success - Episode #60

Season #6

Episode #60 - Avoiding Burnout While Achieving Career Success


Burnout is a prevalent issue among successful professional women, although it's challenging to determine the exact prevalence since burnout can be subjective and is often not reported. That’s because women usually think they're experiencing stress when they're most likely experiencing burnout. In today’s episode I’m breaking down the difference between burnout and stress, why it’s so prevalent for women, and what women and organizations can do to avoid burnout on the path to career success.


In this episode of the Midlife Career Rebel Podcast, you'll discover…


  • The difference between burnout and stress.
  • What the signs of burnout are and what to look for.
  • Why it impacts women more than men.
  • How it impacts women and organizations and the costs
  • What organizations can do differently create a culture that supports the well-being of it’s employees.
  • What women can do to take care of themselves.
  • How avoiding burnout can contribute to your success.


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