2019 Holiday Gift Guide

business career Dec 10, 2019

It's that time of year. Time to acknowledge your team, reward your staff, celebrate your clients, thank you mentors, and to spread a little love to those who have supported you and had your back in 2019.

If you want to do more than just get a stack of gift cards (which aren't always a bad gift idea), here are a few ideas that may make a bigger impact.

1. Stationery

I know we've grown accustomed to connecting via text and email because it's the easiest way to stay in touch in our technological society. But remember how you felt, when you received that handwritten note, a beautiful thank you letter, or custom card? There's something special about stationery, which makes it such a perfect gift. Everyone loves to have it and receive it, and it's something your recipient will cherish and keep forever.

2. Slippers

I don't know about you, but after a long day on my feet there's nothing I love more than to slip into fluffy, soft, comfy slippers. Slippers are a great gift choice since they can be given to virtually anyone, no matter the age or gender. Also, slippers can be playful, colorful, practical or fun and they're perfect for the cold winter season. 

3. Stone Stud Earrings

Jewelry is such a personal choice that I don't often recommend purchasing it as a gift unless you know the recipient well. This is one of those instances where a gift card to their favorite jewelry would work perfectly. However, a great staple in any jewelry arsenal is a pair of stud earrings. Instead of a diamond or pear earring, try a beautiful stone or gold/silver tone earring that can be easily worn with any outfit.

4. Travel Bags

If you're a traveler you know that travel accessories can be lifesavers for easy and effective travel. I'm a huge fan of travel cubes and travel bags for everything from my clothes and shoes to my jewelry and toiletries. Travel accessories make great gifts because we often forget to pick up what we need until we're about to take a trip, and by then it could be too late. Help those travelers in your life plan ahead by getting them something their use and love.

5. Diffuser

In lieu of gifting your favorite scented candle, how about giving a gift that will last for years to come. Over the years, I've been using candles less and diffusing natural oils for both the aromatherapy benefits and to avoid the safety hazards associated with candles. The smoke and toxic fumes that can be released into your indoor environment can cause headaches and nausea for people who are sensitive like me. In addition, numerous studies have shown the benefits of diffusing essential oils, from improved sleep digestive issues, and stress to the treatment of depression.

6. Frame

Ok, admit it. How often have you wanted to showcase a photo in your home or office but are stopped in your tracks because you don't have a frame? While most people keep their photos on their phones, every now and again you want to display those special moments and memories for all to see. A decorative frame in either sizes 4x6 or 5x7 can make the perfect gift.

7. Zero Waste Kitchen

Have an eco-friendly friend who's environmental conscious and seemingly impossible to shop for? Try the Zero Waste Kitchen. You'll find creative and unexpected ways to eliminate trash, save money, and give leftovers a new life, while showing you how easy it is to live more sustainably. Plus, learn how to grow your own vegetables and herbs from scraps, and how to nourish your plants with compost. 

8. Manicure Set

Three gift ever! I actually received a similar set as a gift a few years ago and I can not tell you how many times this little beauty came in handy. Besides,  everyone needs a manicure set on standby, whether it’s for a nail emergency or simply a spa night at home.

9. Velvet Hangers

I know, super practical, but oh so needed. If you know someone is reorganizing their closet, these magic hangers will not only save safe they will protect your clothing. Take a few to your office so you can hang up your coat or sweater. Since these hangers come in such large packs, you can actually take 3 hangers, tie a bow around them and gift them to multiple people you think would appreciate a few good hangers.

10. Jewelry Tray or Valet

This little tray is actually the perfect way to keep your jewelry, small essentials or favorite knick knacks organized in a beautiful way. This is actually a versatile catchall making it an easy gift for anyone. If you're searching for a man, look for a leather valet so they can store their change, watch or cuff links. 

And there you have it!

Have a few items you'd add to the list? Comment below what your favorite holiday gift ideas are or email me!!

Happy shopping!

Live, laugh and unapologetically shine,



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