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5 Keys to Building a Branded Capsule Wardrobe for Your Business, Career and Life

brand travel/wardrobe Apr 04, 2019

Building a wardrobe capsule is a fabulous way to maximize your wardrobe, expand your creativity, and save significant time and money. 

With just 10-12 pieces of clothing, you can easily create 3-4 weeks of stylish combinations to wear to work, networking, meeting with a client, or for an upcoming business trip. 

You can use this process to really pair down your wardrobe and go the minimalist route owning just 10, 20, or even 30 pieces of clothing TOTAL. Admittedly, I have more...

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Your 5 Step Guide to Looking & Feeling Fabulous During Menopause

mindset travel/wardrobe Mar 27, 2019

Remember when Samantha Jones in Sex and the City 2, announced she was going through menopause while in the midst of a devastating hot flash?

The Sex and the City movie had fun with this storyline, even though Kim Cattrall, the lady herself, hadn't start going through menopause until two years later. Regardless of her plight, Samantha created a plan of action to look and feel fabulous during "the change." She made menopause look and sweaty...but fabulous.

I myself...

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3 Key Pieces For a Classic Business Casual Wardrobe

I had a fun day today on the set of ABC's affiliate KATU's AM Northwest Morning Show. Today was about building versatility in your wardrobe using three key distinct pieces: (1) a tank dress, (2) a great pair of dark denim jeans, and (3) a fabulous pencil skirt.

These are great pieces that you'll be able to dress up or down which makes them perfect for a classic business casual wardrobe.

 Watch the full episode here:

Why These Three Pieces Matter

The Tank...
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Pack Like a Pro: Packing Tips for the Chronic Overpacker

travel/wardrobe Mar 16, 2019

On average we wear about 20% of the clothes in our closet. So why is it when we start packing for a trip we feel the need to bring the other 80% (that we don't often wear) along?? That's right, 55% percent of those surveyed by admitted that they overpack. Listen, if you don't wear it at home, the chances of of you wearing on vacation are nill to none. Less is definitely more when it comes to packing.

How do you pack like a pro? On my monthly segment on AM Northwest, I shared...

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