3 Ways to Make the Best of a Job You Hate

career Apr 09, 2021
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Are you one of the 85% of people in the world who dreads Monday morning?? Everyone, at one time or another, has been unhappy in their job. In fact, if you've gone through your life without hating at least one job, then you've lived a charmed life.

One of the driving forces behind my becoming an employment attorney almost 30 years ago was a horrible job. It was actually a horrible boss. But it motivated me to go into a career where I could protect the rights of others similarly situated. Over time I learned that my real work wasn't to protect the rights of those in a job they despised but to help them find their life's work.

If your current job is not your dream job, it's important to get some support discovering what that is. However, I know you still have to pay the mortgage and maybe even college tuition or two in the interim. So as much as you may dream about quitting, you know, without a game plan, it's just not possible.

Your career takes up a significant part of your life, and if it's not a satisfying experience, it can harm every aspect of your life. Life's too short to be miserable. But if at all possible, try to make the most of your current situation until you can find something better or find what you're meant to do.

I teach my clients how to leverage their current position for their future benefit. Among the many things we work on, here are three things I advise them to do.

Change Your Perspective

This will sound super simple and cliche, but it's important to change your thinking about your job. If you persist with the thought, "I hate my job," you'll continue to feel trapped and frustrated, and you'll behave in ways that will only exacerbate the situation. But, on the other hand, this line of thinking will keep you from missing out on potential opportunities for growth and development.

Instead, try thinking, "What can I learn or do that will help advance my skills or make me more marketable?" When you go into the office with that train of thought, your attitude about going to work will change. If you know you need more experience presenting in front of large groups, volunteer to present at the next staff meeting. Do you need to become more proficient in your writing, look for opportunities to write? Take advantage of the tuition reimbursement and attend workshops and training programs on topics of interest that will ultimately support your career growth.

Turn Up the Dial on Networking

When you're happily settled in a job, you tend to network sporadically. However, when you're ready to leave your job, I highly recommend that you start networking like it's a second job. Your chances of landing another job while you're employed are significantly higher than when you're not, so get out there and start meeting people.

You can start in your company but making new connections with colleagues in other departments. Attend local LinkedIn meet-ups, professional association meetings, and conferences in other industries of interest, and don't forget to show up to your alma mater's alumni association events. Chatting with others about your interests and goals can quickly lead to an offer for another job.

Start Your Side Hustle

Are you dying to leave your job because you dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Do yourself a favor and start your new venture while you still have a paycheck. By starting your business as a side hustle, you'll have time to develop clarity and confidence in your new venture. Take time to test your product and service, fine-tune your niche, and grow an entrepreneurial mindset. Nothing's worse than jumping into something new and unexplored only to end up as miserable as you were before.

Carve out time every week to explore your other interest. Over time you'll learn whether or not it's a good idea to pursue your passion or if you should focus on something you're naturally good at. Learn what it takes to build a sustainable business, create financial capital, and start finding your tribe. These off-hour activities will keep you too busy to think about how much you dislike your job and give you the roadmap to your freedom.

Keep your eyes on the prize (your long-term career goals), and you'll turn a challenging situation into an agreeable one.


Do you hate your job? Do you feel stuck and frustrated and don't have the clarity you need to know if you should stay or get out?

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