4 Keys to Effectively Set Career Goals You'll Actually Achieve

career advice Nov 08, 2022
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Have you set your goals and created a plan to achieve them in the new year? When you have a clearly articulated plan, you're more likely to achieve what you want. Also, setting meaningful goals provides greater job satisfaction and higher self-esteem and improves your overall quality of life. Unfortunately, since over 90% of people rarely achieve the goals they set for themselves in the new year, you'll want to follow the four keys I shared today on AMNW Morning Show shared on how to get what you want.

You can watch the entire segment below.

  • Start with Clarity.  It's not enough to say you want to be the boss one day. Do you want to be the CEO of a company, the manager of your own team, or run your own business? Be as specific as possible. Studies show that you're more likely to succeed when you're super clear about what you want. In addition, you want to be clear on why you want to achieve the goal. How does it fit with your larger goals for your life and career? If you're clear on the why of a particular goal, you're more likely to see it through when times get challenging.
  • Aim High. You should set a goal that you're not 100% sure how you will achieve. It should scare you a bit. If you select a goal, you know you can achieve it and are just playing it safe. Your growth comes in achieving what you haven't reached before. Goals should stretch you and allow you to grow. Use them to evolve. Setting goals is about breaking out of your comfort zone.
  • Visualize the Path. Think through what you'll need and the challenges you may encounter, and then create a plan on how you'll get what you'll overcome those potential challenges. Most people don't reach their goals because they don't anticipate all the obstacles that may be ahead. Spend time thinking through every possible challenge and obstacle and then create a plan to overcome every one. Just don't think about the endgame; think about the journey.
  • Get Committed. It's human nature to avoid pain and conflict, so before you get started, you must make a commitment to yourself that you will not give up. Don't give yourself a way out; if so, you'll never be fully committed to achieving your goals. When you break your promises to yourself, you teach your brain that you can't be trusted. When you're worried about whether or not you can achieve your goal, you may be able to trace it back to times when you failed to get committed and see your goals through.


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