4 Myths Keeping Professional Women From Feeling Powerful in Their Careers

career advice Jul 12, 2022
Business woman

Since 2020 almost 2 million women have left the workforce. Unfortunately, that's also caused a crisis in female leadership in the workplace. Many women have downshifted or walked away from their leadership roles, not only due to competing family interests but feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy.

On my monthly career segment on AM Northwest, I shared the four myths that keep women in power positions from truly owning their power. You can watch the full video below.

Here's a summary of the four myths:

  • "I have to prove myself." Many women struggle with the idea that once in a position of power, they have to prove they deserve to be there instead of believing they already belong.
  • "I don't need any help." Studies show that women are willing to mentor other women, but many don't seek it out. Moreover, women of color will rarely ask for help or support, believing it's a sign of weakness.
  • "Hard work will result in success." The inability of many women to "toot their own horn" has caused them to be overlooked for the reward and recognition they deserve. Women believe that if they work hard and burn the candle at both ends, their efforts will be noticed and rewarded, and they are often disappointed and shocked when they're overlooked.
  • "The cup is half empty." Women tend to focus on what they're missing or lacking instead of learning how to lean into their own brilliance and genius.


Let's connect if you want to learn how to master these myths. Click here to learn more. 

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