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4 Reasons to Start Setting Your New Year's Goals in October

vision Oct 01, 2018

I'm one of those people who epically fails at New Year's resolutions. I have the best of intentions on January 1st, but by mid February it's back to business as usual. I don't know if it's good or bad news that I'm not alone in this. Only 8% of people keep their New Year's Resolutions with most people falling off in February.

As the year closes it feels natural to put the year behind you and try to start over. To make the "new" year a better year then the one before. But for me I find the fall season to my preferred time for planning and goal setting. September marks "back to school" time, summer fun and vacations come to an end, the season shifts, the leaves change, the sun sets earlier, and the weather keeps you indoors. There's a tremendous amount of transition already happening around you.

Why October

What I realized about myself is that I need prep time to make big or major changes in my life! Enter October. While September used to be my new year when I was a student, as I became a parent September became the time that I prepped my children for their new year. As they started college, their start dates came later and later in the month. It wasn't until October, the beginning of quarter four, that I could turn my full attention back to me and my business.

Any time in October will work, including Halloween.  All Hallows' Eve has traditionally been a time to honor the lives of loved ones that have past on. It's a time of remembering and celebrating. It struck me one year I could use October 31st as the day I take inventory of myself, assessing what habits, behaviors, and even people I need transition out of my life to get the transformation I want in my life and business.  It could be the time that I'd allow those things I didn't want in my life to "pass on."
Regardless of what day you choose in October, by creating your plan now, you can use November and December to initiate change, deal with false starts and get the mindset needed to make big shifts. By January 1st you're not making a list and wishing for the best, you're actually in forward motion.

4 Reasons to Start Your October New Year Goals

If you're like me and need a "running start" to make positive and powerful changes in your life, try using this month as your Fall season jumpstart. To summarize:
  1. It's a natural transition point in the year. As the season changes you too can look at it as your "season" of change. In addition, the energy of the fourth quarter is all about closing out the past and starting anew.
  2. Halloween symbolically represents both honoring and letting go of the past. While many take time to honor those who have past, it's also a celebration of moving forward with renewed hope. As you start let go of the things that have not served you in the past, you can celebrate to the beginning of new skills, habits, and mindset.
  3. There's no social pressure . You won't have the social pressure of sharing your goals and resolutions for the new year with others. You can make thoughtful and mindful decisions about how you want to proceed. You'll also have time to course correct or adjust your resolutions as you start to work through them.
  4. You'll have momentum. While others are just starting their resolutions, you'll be basking in results. This will allow you to start the new year stress free with a tremendous amount of positive momentum.

Happy planning!

Live, laugh and unapologetically shine,




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