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5 Reasons 'Tis the Season to Land Your Ideal Job

career Nov 13, 2019

During the holidays, most people believe it's time to wind down or take a break from their career search. But contrary to popular belief, hiring doesn't stop during the holiday season. In fact, it's the perfect time to focus more intently on your search.  Today on the blog I’m sharing five ways to best utilize the holiday season to land the perfect job for you. I shared these tips on a recent segment on AM Northwest and a link to the full segment is below.

If you’ve thought about packing it up until the new year, I highly recommend you regroup and create a holiday job search using one or all of these tips:

1. Take advantage of holiday events - First and foremost, the holiday season creates greater opportunities to network with so many holiday parties and get-togethers. Most people are in a generous mood with the holiday spirit and are very open to opening doors and making connections. Not only will you meet new people, it’s also a good time to re-connect with former colleagues.

2. Know that employees are hiring - Not only are there a plethora of "seasonal" or "temporary" positions open (that can lead to something permanent in the new year), there are plenty of open full-time positions. Employers are finalizing their budgets for the new year and would LOVE to complete get open positions filled so they can start the new year with a full staff. 

3. Beat the competition - The holidays are a busy time for most people and they’ll back out of the job search process believing employers aren’t hiring or are not taking the time to review resumes and conduct interviews. So now is the time to step up while your competition is sitting down. This will give you an advantage, allowing you to stand out and above what little competition will be out there now.

4. Get your foot in the door by volunteering - Another way to gain access to a potential employer and expand your networking is to volunteer for the season. Much like temporary or seasonal work, volunteering can clear the path to something permanent for you in the new year.

5. Update and up level your visual brand - Another benefit to stepping into a new role during the holiday season, or soon after, is the opportunity to refresh or upgrade your wardrobe with holiday sales and discounts. You can also get some new head shots while you’re out with the family getting your holiday photos. Update your LinkedIn and Facebook pages with your refined image to make yourself more competitive.

If you're in this position, I highly recommend you seek out the support of a career strategist, like me, to help increase your chances of landing the perfect job for you! Reach out today and contact me by click on this link.

Here’s the AM Northwest Segment


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