5 Work From Home Outfit Ideas

travel/wardrobe May 23, 2020
Ok, raise your hand if you're elevated pajamas and lounge wear to a new level??
I'll admit that I tried to fight it for as long as I could. I've worked from home for the last eight years and I've prided myself on getting up and getting dressed every morning for "work." But over time it became harder and harder to really make much of an effort.
While lounging around in comfy clothes is great, after a while, you start to miss the routine of getting up and getting ready in the morning. So, like many of us who have had to learn how to adjust and adapt, I've had to redefine workwear and find my sweet spot somewhere between pjs and business casual. 
Like many of us do when we're looking for inspiration, I headed straight over to Pinterest and found Ashley from Parke Avenue and found a ton of ideas on how to repurpose and rework my wardrobe. 
Here's 5-days of inspiration for you:

So, let's recap:

  • Change out of your pajamas. 
  • Try sneakers or mules instead of slippers. And it's totally ok to go bare foot if you're not a shoes in the house kind of girl. 
  • Accessorize as usual. Putting on your everyday rings, necklaces and earrings makes you feel more polished. It really does.
  • Add some mascara, blush and lip gloss. It all really makes a difference.
  • Invest in comfortable, high quality tees (I love a great graphic tee). They’ll be equally as useful once you’re back in the office. Just throw on a blazer and viola.

Have fun!



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