6 Things You're Getting Wrong When Interviewing

interview prep Feb 11, 2020

When it comes to interviewing most people get overwhelming nervous or overly relaxed. Either they show up too sure of themselves or they approach it like an audition instead of what it really is...a conversation. 

If you've been invited to an interview, bravo you! That means you've made it through the 250 resumes they were probably reviewing for that one position. Now that you're one of the four candidates selected to be seen, you make to make sure you "wow the crowd" so that you can be the last woman standing!

On my recent segment on AM Northwest, I shared the six things most people get wrong when interviewing and how to avoid them. You can watch that segment in full below, but here's a summary to help you sail on to success with your interview.

1. Be authentic - Be yourself in the interview. If you don't who that is, that's going to be a problem. It's one of the first things I work on with my client. Without that clarity, often people try to be who they believe the employer wants. Be true to you so the people you'll be working with know who you are and so you can determine if it's the right place for you. 

2. Make an impression - It's not about dressing for the job you have, or even the job you want, it's about dressing in a manner that represents an integration of who you are and what the company culture requires. However, when you walk in the door you want to communicate that you're confident, capable and ready to own the position you've applied for.

3. Research the company - Surprisingly most people don't do this. They focus on what they'll be doing, but not where they'll do it. Failure to do this critical assessment is why people end up in the wrong place and miserable in their jobs. "Know before you go!"

4. Come with questions - Questions demonstrate that you're interested in the role and the company, that you've done your research and that you're a smart cookie. It's also a great way to bring in pertinent info you believe is relevant to differentiate yourself and stand out and above your competition.

5. Know how to answer the "tell me about yourself question?" - This question usually causes people to panic or freeze. Your professional narrative is the answer to this question. 

6. Master the 3 P's: Prepare, Practice and be Present - Learn as much as you can about the person interviewing you. You never what connections you have that can make your break your interview. Also practice, practice and practice again. While you're not interviewing, recording yourself will help you assess how you come across and get a handle on those non-verbal behaviors you didn't know you had. Finally, be present. Listen and really take the time to enjoy the conversation you're having with your potential new employer!

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