8 Signs It's May Be Time to Make a Job Move

career advice Jan 14, 2020

It's TV Tuesday and I'm back on the set of AM Northwest sharing about the signs you may be experiencing that are telling you it's time to make a job move.

Recently on the blog I also shared how to tell if you're just in a rut or if it's time for change, so check that too!

Watch the video below:


Which of these 8 Signs are you experiencing?

  1. You're frequently sick: while your mind may be telling you to stay, your body is begging you to leave because you're frequently catching colds
  2. You're daydreaming more than working: if you find yourself wondering what else you can do or where else you can be more than actually working, it's time.
  3. You're not aligned: you're bored or overqualified for what you do and not utilizing your skills.
  4. You're afraid: the only thing keeping you in the job is your fear to be without a job.
  5. You're out of sync with your environment: you're in a toxic workplace, can't relate to your coworkers, or the culture just isn't a good match
  6. You lost your mojo: you've had a singular focus your entire career to get to the top of the ladder and not that you're there you hate the view.
  7. You're becoming negative: You find that your negativity at work is spilling over into every area of your life.
  8. Your gut is telling you to go: You've been hearing a voice in your head or have a feeling in your gut that's telling you it' time to go.

I work with high-achieving successful professional women who are lacking clarity on their best career move. If you know it's time to go but not sure where that it, let's talk!

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