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8 Simple Tips to Boost Your Career

career Aug 13, 2019

It's important to have an active career management plan to ensure you remain visible and relevant in your career. Whether you're seeking a promotion, looking for a new job, launching an entrepreneurial venture, or leaving your industry, you want to be ready. 

While there are a lot of things you can do, here a few simple ones you can do over a weekend. On my segment this month on AM Northwest, I shared the following tips:

  1. Update Your Profile Pics: Photos are the first thing people notice when they visit you on line so make sure you have high-quality branded photo. Also make sure people can see you eyes and get a fill for your personality.
  2. Join a LinkedIn Group: Extend your network by participating in a group related to your field. Go in there and post a question or share your expertise.
  3. Clean out your inbox: Weed out the clutter so you can stay on top of any new information or activities. Also, be sure to reply to any outstanding emails and unsubscribe from emails you rarely read or are no longer relevant.
  4. Update your look: When was the last time you tried a new hairstyle or hair cut? Book an appointment with your favorite GLAMsquad and get a few tips on how to update your hair and makeup.
  5. Refine your "pitch": Everyone should have a great elevator pitch that's more the usual name, rank and serial number (meaning name and "I'm a lawyer") kind of pitch. Instead, talk about who you serve and why inviting people to want to learn more.
  6. Find an organization to volunteer: Getting involved in a community project not only allows you to help others and give back, but you'll also make new contacts and add to your experience.
  7. Take stock: Whether you're in the market to find something new or looking at promotion opportunities, the best time to prepare is when you're not stressed to make a move. Take a moment and write out all of your achievements in your current job that were either outside your current scope of work or exceeded your current scope of work.
  8. Cultivate career support: Feedback from others provides the information and encouragement you need to leverage your strengths. But be careful who you get support from. Don't wait until something happens to seek out a career/executive coach, do some research and find five you want to connect with.

And there you have it. You can do these activities over the weekend or over 1-2 days during the week to build your brand, enhance your credentials and prepare yourself to take on greater challenges and responsibilities.

You can watch the full segment here:

Want support on how to implement these tips and so much more, book a discovery session with me TODAY!

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