The Power of Body Language in Your Career

career advice Oct 11, 2022
body language

93% of our communication is non-verbal, which means that what you say only makes up 7% of our communication. Since we take things in mainly through what we see and our perception of what's being communicated, our body language becomes an essential aspect of how we show up in the world.

I was back on AM Northwest on my regular Tuesday Career Segment, sharing three crucial aspects of effectively using your body language to achieve better outcomes in your career.

  • Get Conscious About What You Do Unconsciously Are you a fidgeter? Do you cross your arms? Avoid eye contact? Slouch when you sit? Do you have a nervous laugh or wring your hands? Start paying attention to your non-verbals and what they're communicating about who you are.
  • Believe You Deserve to Be In the Room Confidence is communicated before you say a word, so if you question whether you should be in the interview, considered for that promotion, or taken seriously for that career transition, others will question it too. Mindset matters, so remember your value and that you're the expert at what you do. That will help you have a calm and powerful demeanor that will communicate confidence.
  • Be present and engaged. When we're nervous, we tend to tense up and can't remember questions asked or points discussed. Try to relax and be present so you can engage with the current conversation. Stop focusing on you and what you're saying. This will communicate your interest in the other person and what they're sharing.


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