Affirmation: I'm Stepping Into My Promotion

affirmation Apr 16, 2021
Professional LGBTG Woman

I'm stepping into my promotion.

For me to get a promotion, I must first promote myself. I must first feel worthy of a promotion. I must set my intention, frame my mindset, and position myself for my promotion.

I realize that everything starts from within.

So, to get started, I'm clearing my internal desk of mental clutter. I want an ordered mind to facilitate this promotion. 

I'm cleaning out the drawers of the internal desk of my lingering lower emotions. I'm throwing old resentments into the trash. I'm discarding old grievances that fail to serve my highest good. I'm getting rid of excess obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Now that I have my desk in order, I look around my office for anything out of place.

I'm updating my decor to what would be appropriate for someone who deserves a promotion. I take a long, long look at my wardrobe, image, and style, updating to an executive level. I take myself to the gym, and I do my due diligence surrounding my health habits. I choose leadership behaviors. 

I've taken my training, continuing education, or other micro-learning courses that have increased my knowledge, confidence, and worth. I am constantly staying on top of the most cutting-edge information in my field of endeavor. I research the latest trends and information to maintain my relevance and expertise in my field. 

Today, even if I'm an entrepreneur, I know that I deserve a raise. I take action to give myself acknowledgment for my achievements. I own this promotion. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I need to work on to feel like I deserve a raise?

2. What 5 things can I change about myself this week to enhance my self-worth?

3. How can I show more confidence and self-assurance in the world?

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