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Branded Eyewear - Finding the Right Eyewear for Your Face

brand Oct 12, 2018

More than 6 out of 10 people in this country wear eyeglasses. They're considered an accessory and as such are part of your overall branded style. In fact, there are some eyeglass wearers who will us spectacles for no other purpose than than to augment their branded image.

Today on AM Northwest, I shared the best way to find the perfect glasses for you. It's not just all about facial shape, even though that's important. It start, however with an understanding your brand. After all, you want your eyeglasses to be an expression of who you are. When you can't often communicate that in what you wear, you can successfully do so with your eyewear.

How To Select The Best Eyewear

First there are five branded styles that may fit you:


1. Sophisticated - You prefer a frame that's clean symmetrical, has soft edges, uniform in color, understated but fashionable.

2. Natural - You prefer frames made from natural fibers and materials like wood. You like a comfortable, matte finish and architectural frame.

3. Artist - You prefer frames that are oversized, round, bright, vintage and creative.

4. Daring - Sharp angles, strong colors, animal print and flamboyant frames will suit you and a strong top bar.

5. Elegant - This is for the more romantic person that likes soft, rimless glasses that float across your face and are light weight or even clear.

Next, it's time to figure out your facial shape. This will allow you to find the frame looks best on your face in the style you prefer.

While there are about eight different facial shapes, it truly boils down to two things: does your face have curves or is it angular. 

The oval and round facial structures are curvy and the heart (or inverted triangle) and square are more angular. The other consideration will be length and width of your face so you purchase the right size frame.

You can measure your face in two ways. First, take a tape measure and determine the length and width of your face. If your length measurement is larger than your width (from ear to ear) then your face could be a long oval or rectangle. If the measurements are pretty even you could have a round or square depending upon whether it's rounded or squared at the jaw line.

However, if the width of the forehead is a larger measurement then you most likely have a heart shaped face, and if the width of your jawline is the largest measurement you may have a triangular facial shape.

Second, you can take a selfie, print out your picture and then take a sharpie and draw around your face. You can either measure the picture or just determine the shape by your drawing.

Finally or Step 3, you want to take steps to select the right frames. Here's a few tips:

  • Choose frames that compliment not only your brand but your wardrobe.
  • Determine if you want frames to compliment or contrast with your facial shape. For example: if you have a curvy face you can wear frames that are curvy (compliment) or angular (contrast) and vice versa. You can also compliment or contrast with your natural coloring.
  • The top of the frames should always follow the brows. Curvy brows can have curvy frames, straight brows can have straight frames, unless of course you're going for a contrast. Regardless of what you decide, your frames should not block or hide your eyebrows.
  • Your eyes should never be blocked by the top of the frames and should be centered in the lens.
  • Frames shouldn't rest on your cheeks.
  • Size definitely matters. Frames should fit the widest part of your face (the area from ear to ear). If they're too small they will add weight to your face. 
  • Also consider the placement of the bridge of the glasses (does it elongate or shorten the nose) and the temple of the glasses.

There you have it! Follow these tips and you'll always be assured to select the perfect glasses for you!

You Can Watch The Full Video Here


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