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Branding You Outside of Your 9-to-5

brand Jul 26, 2018

It used to be that your identity was wrapped into your job. In fact, I believe people still suffer from that today. When you're identity is tied to your title, job or career you fail to see the possibility of other options. You fail to see the breadth and depth of all you have to offer. You also fail to see the importance of building a brand independent of your job.

In case you're struggling with this concept, repeat after me....."I'm more than my job!"

We live in a binary society that demands that we make definitive choices between two things. You're either this or that. You're a mom or a lawyer. You're an engineer or an artist.  This desire to label things forces us to label ourselves, and once "stamped and approved" it becomes our identity.

When we fail to embrace "and" we cut off parts of ourselves, thereby limiting our capabilities, potential, and significance. I shared more on that point on a recent Facebook Live, which I called the The Art of Dancing Along the "And".

Ok, join me again...."I am more than what I do!"

This is why I work with my clients to create their own personal brand.

Personal branding is fundamentally about marketing YOU. It's not just about your talents and skills, but includes your image, values, presence and behavior. All of these things make up your personal brand. It encompasses the theory of impression management, a concept developed by Erving Goffman.

In essence, impression management is our ability to influence the opinion and perspective of others. An authentic personal brand will "impress" upon others what you want them to know, believe, think and accept about who you are, what you do, and the value you bring. It's the compass pointing to your life's work

Personal Branding

I often share other great articles within my blog to expand upon the points I'm making or to share another view point. This blog is no different.

Here's a great piece on the Five Ways to Break Free and Build Your Brand Outside of Your 9-5.

carol parker walsh career branding

Image Credit: Forbes

I've done quite a few personal brands for corporations, professionals and entrepreneurs. It's exciting to see how it expands personal perspectives and helps to discover and embrace personal significance.

If you need help building your personal brand, then let's connect. Apply for a call with me today!

Live, laugh, and unapologetically shine!



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