3 Powerful Tips for Building Massive Self-Confidence

career advice mindset Aug 09, 2022

Self-confidence is different from confidence. Confidence is about trusting in your abilities, while self-confidence is about trusting in yourself as a person. It's imperative to understand the difference because it can be the difference between having the life and career you want and settling for a "good enough" life filled with regrets.

Despite years of evidence to the contrary, many women in midlife still struggle with self-confidence issues. This is likely due to a number of factors, including the media's portrayal of perfection, society's emphasis on youth and beauty, and our own internal critic. But no matter what the cause, the fact remains that self-confidence is an important part of truly having a life you love.

Self-confidence is about creating your future. If you just rely on your confidence in things you've already done, you'll just re-create your past in your future.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to boost your self-confidence to help you to create the future you want. 

On my monthly career segment on AM Northwest, I shared the three powerful ways that you can build self-confidence and get the life and career you want.

Here's a quick summary of what I discussed on the show. Watch the entire segment below.

You can also check out my Podcast, The Midlife Career Rebel, and listen to Episode #8 - Building Self-Confidence.

1. Embrace discomfort - The biggest thing that impedes self-confidence is fear of the unknown. Fear is an uncomfortable and stressful feeling, so we seek to avoid it at all costs. It's how our brains are wired, and because of that, it's easier to sit in the safety of the known. Our brain's job is to keep us safe. So normalize and embrace the fact that you're going to feel uncomfortable, feel anxious, and stressed and want to quit as soon as you meet. Once you know to accept it, you won't be shocked when it happens and will find the strength to move forward.

2. Overcome the treachery of how - Whenever you approach something known, our brains look for "how" it will happen. We're constantly looking for the manual. That's why the most searched phrase on Google is "how to..." But the HOW comes in the doing. If you already knew how it wouldn't be a new opportunity or adventure. Learn to say to yourself, "I'll figure it out," just like you did when you learned to ride a bike, master college, or raise your family. 

3. Shift your thoughts around what's possible  -  It's hard to see past your own negative thinking, so work to shift what you believe and then look for evidence to support it. It's true that what you think about your bring about and what you focus on expands. So if you think it's going to be hard, or impossible, or it's not going as planned, that's the reality you'll create for yourself. Start asking yourself, "what do I want to believe is possible," and start using that as your motivation to build your self-confidence.

One of the best ways to boost your self-confidence is to get to know yourself better. Are you someone who quits when it gets challenging or hard; does fear keep you stuck or stagnant; do you need to know the how before you get started; can you embrace discomfort; does your thinking tend to be negative, defeatist, or self-sabotaging??

Spend time thinking that along with your values, your goals, and what you want in your life and career. The better you understand yourself, the more you'll be able to position yourself for success!


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