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How to Prove You're the Perfect Fit for the Job

career Jun 14, 2018

Are you ready to change careers and move into an entirely new industry? Leaping into a new field after years of career success can be intimidating and frustrating. After all, who wants to feel like a novice again? The fear of making this leap causes most people to stay put in the career or industry they already know. But if you're feeling the call it's important to not remain trapped in a decision you made years ago.

What most people fail to realize is that their skills and experience are often transferable into a variety of industries. For example, stay at home moms have developed leadership, organizational, time management, conflict resolution, financial and project management skills. While they may not have described their day-to-day activities with these words, it's the skill set that matters.

What are the skills you've developed over the years? If you're wanting to make a move to a new industry, focus on the puzzle pieces that fit into your new career picture. What current skills do you have that are valuable and transferrable?

Here's a great article that provides tips on how to identify your most useful skill set. Simple click here or on the image below to learn more.

Translate Skills Here's How to Translate Your Skills From One Industry to Another

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