Loungewear As the New Workwear

career travel/wardrobe Dec 08, 2020
woman working from home in loungewear

Let's face it. The coronavirus has dramatically changed not only how we work but what we wear to work. Instead of dress, blazers, blouses, and of course pants, we're rocking cozy loungewear. Loungewear can take you seamlessly from zoom meetings to running errands, to the couch just in time for your favorite Netflix movie.

According to Edited, workwear sales are down by as much as 45%, loungewear searches are up by over 800%, and the global loungewear market estimates that loungewear sales will generate roughly 37 billion in 2021.

Since the popularization of Casual Friday in the 1990s, the fashion industry has seen a steady demand for comfortable casual workwear. However, the pandemic has pushed our work attire well beyond casual wear over into loungewear, particularly since our workplaces have become our living rooms.  With almost 40% of organizations planning to keep their employees working remotely, it would seem that loungewear is here to stay.

Now, just because loungewear is becoming widely popular and accepted doesn't mean you have to abandon your beautiful blouses, cashmere sweaters, or even your favorite blazer for your virtual meetings. Wear what inspires you and makes you feel at your very best. After all, that's what's really important. But it's nice to know you can change it up on occasion should you be in the mood for something cozy and comfortable.

As you consider putting your new loungewear wardrobe together, don’t underestimate the transformative effect of clothes and follow the same guidelines you've used to put your professional wardrobe together.


  • Quality fabrics
  • Classic neutrals
  • Monochromatic styling
  • Colors within your palette
  • Pieces that are on brand and aligned with your elemental energy

Here are a few examples: 

1. Tonal Knit Jumpsuit - Nothing pulls you together quicker than a soft, cozy jumpsuit. It's effortless and easy. Go for a neutral color with a matching duster, and you're not only going to feel super comfy, but you'll also look instantly pulled together. Add a great necklace and gold metallic flats, and you're ready for a coffee run. Come back, kick off the accessories and curl up on the couch with your favorite book. With this tonal neutral, you can also mix and match with other items in your closet.
Jumpsuit | Duster | Metallic Flats (similar)
2. Colorful Ribbed-Knit Sweater - Sweater sets provide not only warmth but style. The cut and material keep things casual but still appropriate to wear outside because we're used to seeing this fabric in everyday looks. A pair of matching glass bead earrings and silver metallic flats help elevate this loungewear outfit making it perfect for last-minute holiday shopping. 
Wide Leg Sweater Pants | Turtleneck (similar) | Silver Snakeskin Flats (similar)
3. Sweatshirt Dress - If you ready to mix things up a bit, go for a sweatshirt dress. It's a super comfy instant outfit that you can wear in a meeting or to bed. To wear out, pair it with your favorite sneakers and puffer vest or boots and wool coat.  
Cabi Dress | Vest (similar) | Sneakers (similar)
4. Classic Pajama Set - While the pajama-style trend first influenced fashion in 2016, the idea was to create an "inspired" nightwear look. Today, loungewear has elevated the pajama set to be worn inside or out. The key is a fabrication. Look for sets that are made of high-end luxurious Pima cotton. Also, the piping on this belted robe gives it an elongated blazer look. Paired with a zebra print belt and white pumps (which yes can be worn all year round), you're ready to grab your mask and attend any event. 
5. Elegantly Black - I'm not usually a fan of all-black outfits unless they have some style, pop, or pizazz, but this loungewear set definitely has all of that. This is a case of black NOT being boring. It's understated but also a show stopper. So skip the black leggings and matching sweatshirt and try this plush fuzzy super soft, comfortable alternative. Pair it with a kitten-heel slide and silver accessories, and you can socially distance with your bestie and a glass of wine. 
Watch the segment on AM Northwest here: https://youtu.be/wtpdZ-ocpXk



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