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The Top 5 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Success

business May 31, 2018

Over on LinkedIn I wrote an article about the five successful strategies that entrepreneurs use to grow and advance their business.  You can click over to the link to review the article in full but  I wanted to share the key bullet points here for your review:

Confident Mindset

Confidence may be considered a noun but for successful entrepreneurs it’s a verb. You see successful entrepreneurs don’t make excuses, they “do or do not.” They don’t play the victim, they’re not passive aggressive, they take risks, and they believe their past successes (and even failures) lay the groundwork for their future successes.

What You Don’t Know Can Be Learned

Since most people want to feel validated and respected from their clients and peers, the idea of getting it wrong and being seen as incompetent immobilizes many new entrepreneurs. When faced with a new challenge or opportunity, successful entrepreneurs believe in their ability to figure it out. 

Find Your Tribe

Successful entrepreneurs remain in the company of other successful entrepreneurs. If your current tribe lives in excuses, are in the same place they were last year, and are comfortable in mediocrity you’ll find it challenging to advance so find another tribe.

Your Image Matters

Your image includes your appearance, behavior, and communication.  Successful entrepreneurs invest a considerable amount of time and money on their image because they know the return on investment is immense.

Always Give Value

The most successful entrepreneurs are altruistic.  Giving value takes an abundance mindset that believe the more you give to yourself and others, the more you’ll get back.

carol parker walsh business strategy


These strategies may seem esoteric, particularly to the new entrepreneur putting more time and effort into their marketing, logo, naming their next product, or creating business cards. While I’m not suggesting that these things are insignificant, they pale in comparison to these core proven principles that will move the needle on your business, and life.

Click HERE if you'd like to read the article in its entirety.

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