Unleash Your Authenticity: A 5-Day Challenge

purpose Apr 22, 2019

I had the distinct honor and privilege of giving a TEDx talk this past February. While prepping for my talk taught me so much, that's the not the focus of this particular blog post.

The idea of TED talks is to bring forth "an idea worth sharing," and with that charge all I could think to share was the challenge of fit versus belonging.

You see, I spent almost 50 years of my life trying to live up to societal and other's expectations of me. Trying to be what I thought others wanted, all the while believing it was what I wanted for myself.

I pursued careers that weren’t aligned with my natural strengths even though they won me respect, validation and approval. I became a chameleon, able to adapt myself to the perceived expectations of those around me.


Because we live in a binary society that is forever asking us to choose. There are these boxes we have to check, lines we have to stand in, categories we have to fit into in order to designate who we are, but more importantly for others to decide where we fit.

And because we live in this binary society that forces us to choose between one option or another, for those who desire to walk their own walk or talk their own talk, there’s a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, push to get back in line…..or else suffer the consequences.

When I gave my TEDx talk I received an unexpected and overwhelming response. Men, women, young girls, midlife women, students, parents, and so many others came to be and thanked me for my talk. They thanked me for giving voice to their experiences and helping them find the words to describe their own struggles.

Realizing my experience was not unique, it's been weighing on my mind and heart to create a space, for women in particular, to stop trying to fit, but instead find places of belonging....both within themselves and with others.

I started with the Midlife Rebels Facebook Community, which is filled with a beautiful eclectic group of professional women at midlife ready to ignite their calling.

Now, I'm kicking off a 5-day Unleash Your Authenticity Challenge within the Midlife Rebels community to help encourage my fellow midlifers that it's not too late to live purposefully, express themselves freely and to be unapologetically authentically who their meant to be.

Here's How to Get Started:

To participate in the Unleash Your Authenticity Challenge you have to sign up here in order to receive your daily posts, video trainings and the worksheets. 

I know we're all busy but time is of the essence. The challenge starts May 6th and will only be available for those 5 days. But don't worry.  Each daily prompt will only require a MAXIMUM of 20-minutes of your time (some will be even shorter).

Investing just 20-minutes of your day into taking small actions can really add up and represent a meaningful change for your personal and professional future! Also, I'll be giving away some cool prizes, so you won't want to miss out.

Join the 5-Day Challenge HERE TODAY and I'll see you on the inside!

Live, laugh and unapologetically shine,



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