3 Key Pieces For a Classic Business Casual Wardrobe

brand business travel/wardrobe Mar 17, 2019

I had a fun day today on the set of ABC's affiliate KATU's AM Northwest Morning Show. Today was about building versatility in your wardrobe using three key distinct pieces: (1) a tank dress, (2) a great pair of dark denim jeans, and (3) a fabulous pencil skirt.

These are great pieces that you'll be able to dress up or down which makes them perfect for a classic business casual wardrobe.

 Watch the full episode here:

Why These Three Pieces Matter

The Tank Dress

The key to finding the perfect tank dress is fabric. Look for a dress with a high grade cotton like pima cotton. Pima cotton has a thicker weave that makes the cotton softer and much more durable. While it's a more expense than regular cotton, it will hold up to multiple washes and maintain its color. Although it's machine washable, I tend not to over wash and will often opt for dry cleaning.

A tank dress can be worn casually and professionally. With a change of accessories like jackets, shoes, scarves and jewelry you can go from coffee with the girls on the weekends to a board meeting during the week. Just one dress can create multiple outfits and with a variety of colors you can extend your wardrobe even further.

The Dark Denim Jean

Denim has come a long way through the years. Where denim was once taboo in the workplace it's become much more acceptable today, particularly if paired in a chic and sophisticated way. The key is to find a dark wash, nothing too tight, and wears like a great pair of slacks. This is the best way to create versatility in your wardrobe. Giving you the option to dress those jeans up for a business meeting or down for a night at the movies.

Since this is an investment piece, I'd go for a high end jean like AG, NYDJ, Rag & Bone, KUT or Wit & Wisdom as examples. A great denim jean with stand multiple wears and will become your go to piece for years to come.

The Pencil Skirt

I love a great pencil skirt. In fact I own about 12 because they're my favorite go to piece in my closet. I've written about my love of pencil skirts in the past, so feel free to refer to one of my favorite post.  Now the first thing to consider is that no ALL pencil skirts are alike. For me, the best pencil skirts are knit or have some type of stretch. This practically ensures a perfect fit every time because a knit skirt will follow the natural curvation of your body. Pencil skirts can be worn with a denim jacket and cute pair of sneakers for a day at the mall or an amazing blazer and fashionable pumps for a special event.

Pencil skirts will range in price depending upon the fabrication and quality of the skirt. They're also a great way to add color and interest to an outfit with fun patterns and textures.


While we're talking about creating a powerful and confident wardrobe, you must remember it always starts with you. Ask yourself what you really want, why you want it, and what would it mean once you had it? These questions are a great way to understand how to build the right wardrobe for you. Also, if you need to pivot in your career or leap to the next great thing in your life or business knowing who you are and where you're going will also serve as a great roadmap for you.

I confidently stepped into the next chapter of my life equipped with additional knowledge, greater confidence, and improved lifestyle, and helped inform what I wear.  Now I inspire and coach others to find their path and do the same.

Do you need help in this area? Schedule a call and I’ll help you discover your blocks and way to move forward. 

Live, laugh and unapologetically shine!


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