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Successful Work at Home Tips

business career Nov 19, 2018

Working from home comes with its own set of benefits, distractions, and frustrations that are quite different from those you find in the regular workplace.

Can you really work at home and achieve your career goals? The answer is up to you!

These thoughtful questions and informative tips can guide you toward successfully working at home:

1. Where can you devote space in your home to your work? Although it doesn't have to be a whole room, you'll need a desk and a couple of drawers designated...

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Consistency: The Master Key to Success

business career Oct 30, 2018

While many believe that knowledge is power, knowledge is only powerful when it’s consistently applied. Consistency may be the most important component of success.

A small step forward each day adds up to a lot of mileage over time.

Are the little things you do each day adding up to something positive? Or is the quality of your life slowly slipping away?

With consistent action over the next 10 or 20 years, what could you accomplish?

Five cold calls each day / 5 days per week equal 1300...

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4 Tips to be a Confident Speaker

business career Sep 25, 2018

Public speaking still remains the #1 fear of most people in America. So it's no surprise when I hear other colleagues and entrepreneurs ask me, "How can I be more confident on stage? Or speaking in front of crowd? Or even networking?" Admittedly, even speaking in front of massive groups of people gives me pause most of the time. In fact, when I was a practicing attorney I would throw up before each and every trial.

As a consultant, business owner and author, public speaking is a substantial...

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3 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

business career Sep 18, 2018

Public speaking is almost an essential for success nowadays—and definitely a major factor in creating a powerful brand. Those who take their courage into their hands and accept or seek speaking engagements tend to outpace their competitors in branding, authority and reach.

There are three things you need to do before you can walk into a public speaking engagement without either dying of fright or feeling like a fraud. First, you need to dip your toe into the shallow end and get...

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The Top 5 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Success

business May 31, 2018

Over on LinkedIn I wrote an article about the five successful strategies that entrepreneurs use to grow and advance their business.  You can click over to the link to review the article in full but  I wanted to share the key bullet points here for your review:

Confident Mindset

Confidence may be considered a noun but for successful entrepreneurs it’s a verb. You see successful entrepreneurs don’t make excuses, they “do or do not.” They don’t...

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