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Affirmation: I Am Free of Limiting Beliefs

affirmation mindset Dec 05, 2018

Studies have found that repeated use of affirmations in a meditative state can help to rewrite  negative messages and create positive outcomes for individuals —but only if an individual is ready and willing to internalize the affirmation and manifest positive change.

The power of affirmations have not only been grounded in science but we've seen them in literature and the theatre. Remember the movies Working Girl and Rudy? Both stories that demonstrate the power (and tenacity) of...

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4 Reasons You Need to Align Your Work with Your Purpose

business career purpose Dec 05, 2018

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”—Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

Are you stuck in work that's unfulfilling, or at worst soul-sucking? Have you been staring at the Starbuck's Barista thinking, "I should just quit and work here?"

Or are you a "rationalizer." You know, one of those people who tells herself that work is called “work” for a reason. That you should be grateful to have job. You also rationalize the fact that you're good at what you do,...

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How to Be Authentically You

mindset purpose Nov 30, 2018

I have a question for you. Are you being yourself in all situations?

If you’re like most people, you’re 90% yourself when you’re with close friends, 50% yourself with casual acquaintances, and hide yourself from strangers.


Because being your true self in all settings and situations is scary. It requires vulnerability, transparency and integrity. It opens you up for judgement from others. As much as we may say or think we don't care, we are pack animals and...

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Don't Make These Mistakes When Setting Your Goals

vision Nov 27, 2018

Goals are very powerful. They keep you focused, on target, and excited about that daily to-do list. More importantly, there are few things more exciting then achieving a big goal.

After all, what’s the likelihood of accidentally accomplishing something that makes your life, business or career absolutely fabulous?

Not likely!

Great accomplishments require intention. Having intention keeps your mind sharp, alert and always on the look out for the perfect solution.

Of all...

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8 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated During the Holiday Season

mindset Nov 26, 2018

No one quite understands what the holidays mean to those of us who have both a family and career. The planning, logistics, shopping, meal prep, and holiday shopping along with client appointments, emails, shopping for client gifts, and closing out projects before the new year.

And that's just over the Thanksgiving weekend. 

Those closest to us don’t fully understand the level of multi-tasking required to keep it all together. 

It's enough to make you want to stay in...

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Are You On the Verge of Business Burnout?

business Nov 22, 2018

Burnout is a very real problem, especially for entrepreneurs. Even though partnerships can have their ups and downs, at least you have someone to handle some of the stress and responsibility.

If you're an entrepreneurs, particularly a solopreneurs, you're probably bearing the entire weight of making your business work on your lone shoulders. This amount of responsibility can often lead to working 14+ hour days and losing track of what’s happening in other parts of...

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Runway to Real Life: Infusing Runway Trends Into Your Personal Brand

brand Nov 21, 2018

This is a #sponsored post.

Clothing is an integral part of our everyday lives. What we wear not only conveys how we feel about ourselves, it communicates who we are to the world. It's takes a 1/10th of a second to make an impression so this is a skill set you want to master. While some people have figured out how to leverage their clothing for greater confidence and standing, others are still trying to figure it all out.

Admittedly it can be confusing if you're simply relying on the...

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Successful Work at Home Tips

business career Nov 19, 2018

Working from home comes with its own set of benefits, distractions, and frustrations that are quite different from those you find in the regular workplace.

Can you really work at home and achieve your career goals? The answer is up to you!

These thoughtful questions and informative tips can guide you toward successfully working at home:

1. Where can you devote space in your home to your work? Although it doesn't have to be a whole room, you'll need a desk and a couple of drawers designated...

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Do What You Love...How to Discover Your Life's Work

career Nov 16, 2018

When we send our kids off to college at 17 and 18-years old we're in effect asking them to determine the course of their lives in a year or two. We're asking them to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Without much life experience and little to no work experience, how can we expect them to know? 

Maybe it's time we rethink that process and remove the pressure of choosing a major and return to a liberal education. After all, less than 27% of people are actually working in...

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Shifting Gears: 3 Steps to Figuring Out Your Next Career Move

career Nov 15, 2018

Whether you’ve just joined the workforce, graduated college, or have been in the workforce for several years and are getting bored, it’s always the right time to think about your career. The question of “What do I do now?” or “Where do I go next?” can be answered with a little introspection and time.

Follow these three steps to put you on the road to a career that fulfills you.

Step 1: Talk to Yourself Like an Interviewer

Ask yourself some of the same...

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